From University of Aberdeen Law School – Oge Nwobia is Making us Proud!


This is what we should relate with! Nigerians making us proud everywhere. Be inspired by our own Oge Nwobia’s story of how she and her partner won the finals of the University of Aberdeen Law School moot competition and how that would get her name  engraved on a plaque  at the University of Aberdeen Law School forever.

Oge’s story is inspiring. Enjoy!

“So last night, something incredible happened. But first, a little back story.

In my first year, I took part in my first mooting competition. My partner and I were clueless first years going up against experienced second years. No doubt, we were taken to the cleaners.  It was such a terrifying, yet amusing experience. But the judge said to me “I think you should keep mooting. You’d be quite good at it.

The following year, I didn’t want to compete again because I was already encumbered with a lot of responsibilities even tho the semester was only just starting. But I decided to sign up last minute with my partner and together, we won the first case we argued. Was a tough call for the judge because the other side were equally good.

We moved on to the semi finals this second semester and we won that leg as well. By this time, confidence level was high. My partner was brilliant and together we were formidable. Only to make it to the finals and discover that the date clashed with a period she would be away and nothing could be done.

I was just weak. Finding someone new that I could vibe with who would be just as good was hard. But Simon came through. We got the good end of the case but this time we were appearing before an actual judge and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. But we had put in the work and there was no backing down.

Long story short, we won the finals of the main faculty moot last night. The judge was tough. Grilled me like I was the one on trial but I did my best to answer his questions and for the ones I couldn’t, I fended them off to my partner who was nothing short of remarkable.

As a result of this win, guess whose name is getting engraved on a plaque to go up in the Law School at the University of Aberdeen forever?
Yup! Yours truly.”

We are proud of you Oge! Things can only get rosier and better with this kind of feat! Stay on track!

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