The Untold Story of Why Kay Bello was Expelled from Law School

Kayode Bello

It would be wrong for anyone to apportion any blame to either Olusegun Kayode Bello or the Law School Management without hearing from both or either sides as the case may be. While efforts are being made to hear firsthand what exactly led to Olusegun Kayode’s expulsion, we thought this other side of the story would make a good read.

A source close to Olusegun KAYODE Bello in Abuja campus of the Nigerian Law School and who pleaded anonymity said that Olusegun Kayode Bello is a very stubborn fellow who never listened to advice. 

His issue with the school started in February when he had an issue with the Head of Control room Mr. Akinyemi over reservation of seat. The school rule is that “reservation of seat” is prohibited. That faithful morning, KAYODE came to class and removed a bag on one of the seats believing it was reserved (though he may be right) but he was told that the person whose bag was on the seat went out few minutes ago. While he was arguing with the person sitting next to the seat, the owner of the seat came and KAYODE refused to stand up for her. The lady reported to the head of control room Mr. Akinyemi who told KAYODE to look for another sit. Kay Bello refused, instead he picked up a quarrel with Mr. Akinyemi and in the process his ID card was seized. 

The next morning, Mr. Olusegun KAYODE Bello filed a petition against Mr. Akinyemi asking for his removal from office on the grounds of corruption and prejudicial in his dealings concerning both genders. He copied this letter to virtually every federal prosecuting authority. He copied the ” President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, The President of the Senate, EFCC, ICPC, DG Nigerian Law School, Chairman Council of Legal Education, PCC etc” and submitted it at the office of the Director General of Nigerian Law School but unfortunately his petition was rejected by the DG. On this note, KAYODE got angry and wrote another petition against the removal of DG Nigerian Law School, Secretary Council of Legal Education and Head of Control room Mr. Akinyemi. He pasted his petition on every hostel. Everybody including the SRC pleaded with him to withdraw, that even though he wants to fight the management of Law School, he should wait till he get called to the bar but as stubborn as he is, he turned deaf to everybody’s advice, rather he termed it that he is fighting on behalf of the students. It was at this point the SRC made it known to the entire school that they are not with him and he is not fighting for the students.

 KAYODE customized one of his clothes to “ONADEKO, MAX-UBA & MR. AKINYEMI MUST GO” and was wearing it on campus during that period, it took the intervention of some elders who talked sense into him before he stopped wearing that customized cloth.

 Recall that KAYODE was 1st evicted from the hostel based on misconduct but he refused leaving the hostel. During the externship, his payment for room to stay on campus during that period was rejected but he stayed believing nothing can happen. 

On resumption day, KAYODE was denied entry into his room as he has been evicted from the hostel but refused leaving the hostel premises, rather he collected the keys to ROOM 18 and gain entry to his room through room 18 after breaking the back door to his room. 

KAYODE was summoned twice by the Body of Benchers but he refused honouring the summon stating that Law School has failed, refused and neglected a pending petition against it at the PCC. He made it known to everyone that he will never honour their summon unless they first honour his pending petition against them at the PCC.

On a faithful day, all the law school students from Abuja Campus were not surprised when KAYODE was taken away from the Library by some Police men and Law School security guards and the next morning it was pasted everywhere in school that he has been expelled.

Recall that same KAYODE was also expelled from the University after writing petition against his Dean and Vice Chancellor of the school. He was kept at home for five years before he was given admission at the law school.

Another source said Kayode is a brilliant fellow but very stubborn. Nobody advises him.

Story By Miracle Akusobi.

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