Video: Brenda Hale Sworn in as First Female President of UK’s Supreme Court

Lady Hale joined the supreme court in 2009. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The first female president of the supreme court and the youngest lord chief justice in 50 years have been sworn in. 

Brenda Hale’s appointment to the leading role at the UK’s highest court was announced by Downing Street in July. A longstanding champion of diversity in the judiciary, she became the first female justice of the court in October 2009 and was appointed deputy president in June 2013.

Onlookers applauded at the ceremony on Monday, which marks the start of the legal year. The supreme court also welcomed Jonathan Mance as deputy president, as well as three new judges, including a second female justice, Jill Black.

Lady Hale, 72, who was born in Yorkshire and succeeds Lord Neuberger in the role, has had a varied career as an academic lawyer, law reformer and judge. During her time as deputy president, she ruled on cases including the article 50 appeal.

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