Why I Want to Attend the 2017 NBA AGC – Ali Jubril Abiodun


The IBA Annual Bar Conference 2017 is taking place in Lagos State on the 18-24 August !

So with that in mind here are 5 reasons why I think must attend.  These are in no particular order:

Unity of Purpose

I must attend because this is the only avenue where Lawyers meets for the same purposes. It is a congregation of  over 100,000 Lawyers.  And this comes once in every year. As a very young Lawyer, it is very imperative that I attend to derive all the benefits therein which I can never get in any other congregation as a Lawyer.

To Acquire Knowledge

The stuff I can learn at these events is ridiculous! From legal updates, legal news, new legislation, international law, marketing and more.  Plus there are loads of companies there with new products, books, resources  etc.

It is an avenue for Networking

There are so many opportunities to meet people during the day at the NBA Annual Conference.  From walking around the exhibition areas, to attending talks and seminars.  It is an avenue to make friends with lawyers from all walks of life in the lobby of the hotel on the first day and for the entire period the conference is going to be concluded.

To Catch Fun

All works and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy. Most Lawyers don’t have time to enjoy the kind of fun enjoying at the conference due to the workloads at their various offices. Especially we, the young Lawyers. But at the Annual Conference, there will be enough opportunities to enjoy oneself to the fullest throughout the Conference period. As this will afford me to me to go to many parties and drinks receptions.  It is the only avenue I can have opportunity to go out every night to more than one party, and have a great time! Some of the drinks receptions are in amazing venues, with stunning views.  Lawyers like to have a lot of fun, so they are well worth attending!  Plus I never know who I’m going to meet!

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It Enhances Skills 

Attending events like these is a great way to enhance or develop my skill set. If I’m not so confident  I can feel a little out of my comfort zone.  However, I  need to make the most of these types of events.  Speak to people if they speak to me, or go and sit in a row with someone else already there.  They are bound to say hi! Go and chat to people in the exhibition! Get on twitter and see who is tweeting with the #NBALagosAGC2017 hashtag and start chatting to people and engaging with them. Make the most of the opportunities whilst I’m there.

Ali Jubril Abiodun


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