Why I Want to Attend the 2017 NBA AGC – Sadiya Nasir


The NBA AGC 2017 is no doubt going to be an exciting one and reasons I must attend the conference are as follows:

Learning opportunity: as a young lawyer, I believe the conference will avail me opportunity to learn new ideas and approaches that will make me more effective and efficient.

Travel: Only conferences such as this will force me to break out of my comfort zone, making me to grow and challenge myself.

Networking and meeting face to face with people I have always dreamt of: The conference will allow me meet with people from a wide range of places whom I may not ordinarily encounter at my home.

Take aways: I cannot seem to get my mind off the tablet and law pavilion subscription being promised which will make law practice easier and more exciting and which I cannot afford for now.

Fun: Live events with other people are usually fun.

Sadiya Nasir 

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