Why I Want to Attend the 2017 NBA AGC – Tasie Jennifer Chika


I am a massive law geek, and attending the conference is actually a bit of a challenge for me this year. I really want to be part of it. I work in a law firm but am not being paid.
The NBA conference fee and accommodation is too high for me.

The things you can learn at these events is ridiculous! From legal updates, legal news, new legislation, international law, marketing and more, books, resources (and tons of freebies!)

There are so many opportunities to meet people during the day at the NBA Conference. From walking around the exhibition areas, to attending talks and seminars.

I will be perfectly honest when I say that I did not expect to go to many of the parties and dinners , despite hearing how amazing some of them were.  Lawyers like to have a lot of fun, so they are well worth attending!  Plus you never know who you might meet. You make new friends and meet old colleagues

Attending events like these is a great way to enhance or develop your skill set. If you aren’t so confident you can feel a little out of your comfort zone.

Tasie Jennifer Chika

Nba branch : Port Harcourt

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  1. So sad, “you work and are not being paid”,what then is the essence…while we save my query for the later, when is the conference likely to hold?

  2. When the young once stand to there feet to help defend us and our country as a whole we have to also rise on our feet to help them do so by this little one for them


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