We’ve Been Living on the Funding of that Case for Ten Years – Joke


something to start your Monday on a lively note:

Note to those of you who are always in a hurry to have all the matters out of court. (quick entry, quick exit), you would soon outdo your principal and stop the means of paying your salary!

Please meditate on this joke lol:

Father: Ade, I wish you would follow my footstep and become a successful lawyer.

Ade: I would make sure I do my best Daddy.

Father: You would have to go to law school and graduated with honors.

Ade: Daddy, now I am done with law school. May I join you firm to practice

Daddy: Why not son. That has been my lifelong dream.

Ade: Daddy, Daddy! In one day I broke the Smith case that you’ve been working on for so long!

Daddy: You idiot! We’ve been living on the funding of that case for ten years!


Don’t take life too serious!

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