Why I Want to Attend the 2017 NBA AGC – Felix Ehisuoria

Felix Onofua

At your noble instruction, I am pleased to put forward my reasons for attending the 2017 NBA AGC, if and only if I am granted the privilege of attending the aforementioned conference:

In strict compliance with the express provision of Rules 11(1)&(2)b of the RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT Which makes an NBA conference mandatory for all practising lawyers.

To enhance both my professional and personal development.

To Network: like it or leave it, the 2017 NBA AGC is a platform for people to meet with me and vice versa.

To regain confidence and sufficiently appreciate the Legal profession in it’s entirety.

To expand my knowledge & find solution to legal & business problems.

Felix Ehisuoria

NBA Branch: Keffi, Nasarawa State.

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