Yaayyi! CAC Abolishes Physical Stamping of Incorporation Document


Now you do not need to be physically present to stamp incorporation documents.

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This is to inform our esteemed customers that as part of on-going reforms towards making the process of company incorporation faster, easier and cheaper, the CAC has integrated it’s Company Registration Portal (CRP) to the Electronic Stamp Duty Portal of the FIRS.

Customers no longer have to submit incorporation documents to Commissioners of Stamp duty for assessment and physical stamping. Kindly take advantage of the new system by initiating your incorporation on the CRP. The stamp duty interface is available immediately after you complete the application form and the memorandum and articles of association on the CRP.

Customers are required to download and print the documents of incorporation for execution by the directors and subscribers and the certificate of stamp duty . All the incorporation documents as well as the means of identification and proficiency certificates (where applicable) should be uploaded after execution through the CAC document upload interface. The link is available on the CAC website.

The CAC will register your company on the strength of the information you  uploaded. However,  you are expected to surrender the original documents to CAC in exchange for your certificate of registration.

Right step in the right direction.

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