Young Lawyers’ Challenge: My Call to Bar, the Morning After

Moses Kodaolu

The “Morning after Call to bar event” is usually pulsating and undoubtedly one of the most significant MORNING in the lives of every new wigs, especially those who pass through the “Four Walls’ of Nigerian Universities. It is a peculiar and historical Morning because New Wigs unending imaginations of several years have come to a reality as they have finally attains great feat in their chosen carrier. The Morning after is also a morning to have sober reflections by casting ones’ mind back to the distressed journey fraught with miserable events such as; The painstaking of writing Joint Admission And Matriculation Board Exam, Travelling to various schools for the Post UTME Exam, unending and incessant ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities strike, delays of law graduates admission to Law School due to Nigeria Law school inadequate facilities leading to backlogs of various universities, strict compliance with the undefined slogan of “Fit and Proper”  in Law school, the cumbersome workload of the Nigeria Law school curriculum, burning of midnight candles and the list goes on and on.

Unlike many new wigs, the morning after my call to bar was a morning of “Night-mare” where I had a despondent, brutal and traumatized encounter with a gang of heavily armed robbers along Abuja-Lokoja Expressway.

It was exactly 6:45 P.M on the 16th day of December 2017. The night of the MORNING  when I was issued a license and confirmed by the Body of Benchers as a Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. The night after I had just arrived from the Call to BAR ceremony, I received a call with an unknown caller thinking it was one of my well wishers who intend to play prank of me by hiding his\her identity.  To my greatest bewilderment, it was a call from one of the NYSC officials in IMO STATE where I was posted for Youth Service. She categorically informed me via call that if I don’t show up tomorrow at my Primary Place of Assignment PPA, that I stand the chance of enjoying an additional 6 months to the 1 year NYSC programmed service.

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In order not to have unnecessary elongation of my service year in the remote area of IKEDURU Local Government in Imo State where I was assigned to, I hurriedly had to pay heed to the clarion call, not minding the loads of fun that awaits me in Abuja the morning after my call.

I was already on my way to IMO State about 5: AM being the next morning after my call to bar ceremony in Abuja. Little did I know that I was heading towards the den of ruthless Dare-Devils who looks like the intimidating BOKO-BOYS seen on the headline news, national dailies and online videos. Just along the Abuja-Lokoja express way, our commercial bus was surrender by some young brutal boys who were all wearing NYSC uniform just as I was wearing. It done on me when I knew these boys weren’t Corps Members after we were all asked to lie flat on the express tarred-road for an hour as they unleashed mayhem on every passenger, thereby dispossessing them of their valuable belongings, before the security men eventually arrived.

That faithful morning was indeed a traumatized day that I will always live to remember. It ought to have being a morning of merriment but eventually turns out to be the most disturbing and terrified moment of my life, having an unplanned encounter with the Nigerian KINGS OF THE ROADS.

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