The “Young Lawyers’ Forum” and Its “Dangerous” Political Alignment

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I have in recent times closely followed the activities of certain lawyers who have preferred to classify themselves as “Young Lawyers”. They have come out openly to do so many unthinkable things. They have dared the elders in the profession, they have unethically queried the leadership of the bar, they have questioned the various sacred institutions in the profession, they have challenged the discretion of the privileges committee of the bar and they have severally dragged in the mud the exalted calling of the silk. Indeed, they have thrown caution to the winds.

I really do not know when and how we lost it. I do not wish to settle for the lame excuse that the recent rascality of the self acclaimed “Young Lawyers” are because they have the interest of the bar at heart. Their attitudes are scary and they portend real danger for the profession. Sure there is freedom of expression and it is a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution, but I would have expected that the “Young Lawyers” who should have the basics of constitutional law fresh in their brain should know that the right to freely express is not absolute.

Come to think of it, I am not sure that these kids, sorry “Young Lawyers” even understand the game of politics. I assume that they are 100% certain that universal suffrage would be adopted in the forthcoming election. I assume that they are 100% certain that the candidate for who they are “willing to kill” would be screened to contest in the election. I assume that they do not see their actions as detrimental to the political ambition of their messiah. I prefer to safely assume that they are politically immature.

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For now, I would prefer to remain anonymous in this piece. I sincerely hope that the role players would be properly cautioned and reappraises their strategies.


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