Young Lawyers: Between Genuine Complain and Lip Service

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Everywhere on Social Media and at every forum made available, Young Lawyers are quick to identify how they have been marginalized, how they are not treated fairly by seniors, how they are not paid what they are worth, amongst several other complains. We have had a few experience with some young lawyers and we are almost at the verge of concluding that indeed majority of young lawyers just pay lip service to their plight in the profession.

Last month, in furtherance of its resolve to encourage young lawyers, DNL Legal & Style introduced a challenge for young lawyers where they can sharpen their writing skills and also make money. For the entire 30 days, only one young lawyer Rotimi Moses Kodaolu, sent in his entry. He has been communicated and his 20k would be paid to him. We at DNL Legal & Style would not be deterred from our resolve to impact the legal profession positively. However, we must say that young lawyers need to move from the realm of complaint to taking positive steps. Lets move from this.

It is time to drop every sense of entitlement. Nobody is positioned to give you success without hardwork. If you have to complain ensure that you have exploited every avenue of success otherwise shut up and get busy. When you are told to be patient for the first five years of your practice, it doesn’t include the periods you spent doing nothing or complaining. It is first five years of hard work, perseverance, sacrifice and prayer!

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Stop dissipating your efforts complaining. Majority have not been diligent enough to have the moral right to complain.

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