58th NBA-AGC: Payment for Sporting Activities Commences


The Local Organizing Committee of the NBA-AGC 2018 have announced the Sport Activities for the AGC 2018 as follows:

  1. Football
  2. Charity Walk
  3. Aerobics & Yoga
  4. Golf

Football Tournament

The AGC 2018 Football Tournament is open to all NBA Branches. NBA Branches interested in sending a team to the Football Tournament should send in their “REQUEST TO PARTICIPATE” to BARR. O.M. ATOYEBI – atoyebi@omaplex.com.ng – 07063568791 and LUKMAN FAGBEMI, Esq – oyebanjifagbemi@gmail.com – 08056670448. All interested Branches must submit the following;

  • Letter of Interest to Participate (By the Branch)
  • List of Players from the Branch. All Participating Branches must register at least 15 players.
  • Photocopy of call to bar certificate of each player.
  • Photocopy of 2018 Annual Practicing Fee of Each Player.
  • Photocopy of Branch Dues Receipt of Each Player.
  • All Branches must provide Uniform Jerseys for every player as well as Football boots for the Team.
  • Please indicate the Primary Colour of your Jersey.
  • Closing Date for Expression of Interest is July 10th , 2018.
  • All participating branches are expected to pay N50,000 as the tournament fee.

Location of Tournament:

Abuja Mini Stadium

Dates: 27th – 29th

Time: 4pm Daily

Prize Presentation: AGC Dinner

  1. Novelty Football Match (11 A-side) Between NBA & FIDA

Location of Tournament:

Abuja Mini Stadium

Dates: August 29, 2018

Time: 5pm – 6pm

Prize Presentation: AGC Dinner

Charity Walk

10 Kilometer walk around the city center which would be clearly marked. The walk will be an awareness walk for any passion of the President of the NBA.

Starting Location: The NBA House, Central Area

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Dates: Saturday 25th August, 2018

Time: 7am – 8am.

Aerobics & Yoga

This would be a daily attraction to keep delegates fit during the AGC. Interested participants should contact Barr. O.M. Atoyebi – atoyebi@omaplex.com.ng – 07063568791.

Location of Event: Abuja Mini Stadium

Dates: 27th – 30th

Time: 7am – 8am Daily

Golf Tournament

The Golf Tournament will hold at the IBB Golf & Country Club, Abuja and is open to all NBA Members attending the AGC. The IBB Golf Club is an 18 hole course.

All Delegates interested in competing in the Golf Tournament should send in their “REQUEST TO PARTICIPATE” to Barr. O.M. Atoyebi – atoyebi@omaplex.com.ng – 07063568791.

  • All participating delegates must come with their personal Clubs and Kits.
  • Closing Date for Expression of Interest is July 30th, 2018.
  • All participating are expected to pay N10, 000 as appearance fee.

Location of Tournament:

 IBB Golf & Country Club.

Proposed Date: Tuesday 28th August

Time: 6am – 2pm

Prize Presentation: AGC Dinner

All payments should be made into:


A/C No: 0695176495

BANK: Access Bank


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