Agbakoba to Lead CIAPS Workshop on Class Action


The Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS) is set to hold a one day International Career Development Workshop on Class Action in Lagos.
Amongst those slated to lead the international workshop are Roderick Farningham (England) Robert J. Gaudet, Jr. (USA) and Olisa Agbakoba (Nigeria).

The International Career Development And Training Workshop themed “Class Action: Past Present and Future” targets new legal practitioners at various level as well as Judges and Magistrates who want to improve their performance and those who are new to the role but want to reach high levels.

CIAPS Centre Director, Prof. Anthony Kila said the Class Action is one of those important areas of law to which legal experts in developing countries dangerously do not pay attention. Commenting on the programme, Olisa Agbakoba added that the main purpose of this programme is to help create Class Action Experts that can successfully manage the inevitable challenges and opportunities inherent to Class Action in developing countries.

The programme is an initiative of CIAPS with input from the Cambridge Law Society, the American Law Society, the Nigerian Bar Association and the African Bar Association will take place on Friday 23rd March 2018 at CIAPS.

The programme has been designed bearing in mind the need of and with a lot of inputs from Lawyers and Judges, Legal Secretaries and Commissioners, Legislators, Advisers, Human Rights Activists, Consumer Protection Experts and Consultants from various industries across Africa.

Kila noted that Legal Experts of the future will understand that the nature of their job is changing and affected by technology, they will be able to make the most of social media and technology in general, be versatile and capable of taking initiatives.
Interested participants can register online by visiting

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