Che Oyinatumba at 45


    LASU has a spirit. It radiates in everyone who has passed through that institution. If prior to entering LASU you had in you a similar spirit, LASU has a way of refining the spirit and making it manifest in the best of ways.

    The world indeed has become a global village. Information Technology has in no small measure brought man close to one another. The most successful innovation in the realm of Information Technology is the Social Media. The manner in which it is brought to quick realization the closeness of man on planet earth cannot be undermined.

    As a legal practitioner who uses the Social Media, particularly Facebook, the name Che Oyinatumba wouldn’t be strange. He has so many sides to so many people, a lot depends on the side of his person you are looking at. To his children, he is a loving father alive to his responsibilities. To his wife, he is a husband she just has to cope with. To some of his friends, he is an outcast. To others he is a man with a large heart, a jolly good fellow. To the “righteous”,  Che is a “sinner” who may never enter the “Kingdom of God”. To the members of the Legal Profession who hold dear to their heart the mantra of “fit and proper”, they would on daily basis question how Che ever passed the test of being “worthy in character”. As a “Bar Man”, if Che is not in your “NBA political camp”, you surely have him to contend with. Whatever perspective you see him from, I believe he has summarized his person. He refers to himself as Che Oyinatumba, (Reference to ‘Che Guevara’ the prominent communist figure in the Cuban Revolution), Oyinatumba which literally mean: “the cold felt by the whole world.  Ofu Ji Ana eme offload; “one yam that has to be offloaded” (my translations please.You can go and argue with my English and Igbo teacher).

    As a graduate of LASU, I can relate with his person, his brilliance, his controversies, his forthrightness, his intelligence, his vulgarity, his Aluta Spirit, his daring nature, his compassion for the down trodden. I really can relate with a lot of the things he stands for.

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    Che, I join family and friends to wish you the very best as you commence your transition into immortality.


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