I am above Committing Crime – Kogi Lawyer Accused of Forgery Reacts

Mr. Julius Elukpo. Photo: Kogi Reports

Dr. Chief Julius Elukpo, Esq. has said the charges of forgery against him was sponsored by Management of Federal Medical Center, Kogi state who are bent on frustrating his stand on corruption and injustice. Elukpo who said he is  above committing crime noted that this present will rather make me a hero and more popular.

Dr. Julius said this in a press statement below:

My attention has just been drawn to the publication on my appearance in court with a charge of forgery. Anybody who knows me or hear about me will know that it is a blatant lie. I am a fighter of injustice and corruption.

I am a believer of due process. I have written against corruption in many areas including to the President, National Assembly, etc. l am fighting corruption in Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Lokoja. What is happening is corruption trying to fight back and I am ready to face it squarely until the injustice and the killings of our people are stopped and the place probed, I will not relent in my challenge against injustice at FMC, Lokoja. The charge to court was sponsored by the Management of FMC who are the complainants in court. Are they the people to complain to the police assuming,if the signatures of members of Elders Forum were forged? It is almost over a year they have been struggling how they can stop my actions against them. They wrote to Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to stop me. On investigation, NBA was convinced of my actions. FMC, Lokoja has seen the police as a body they can rubbish to do inordinate jobs.

I have written to the Inspector General of Police to take over the investigation because I have lost confidence in police in lokoja whom I have responded to several times. I was vindicated by their SIB section, but the people of FMC, Lokoja went to lobby the police again and police told me that the matter was transferred to CID by the same police,hence I wrote to IGP to take over the matter and refused to attend to the police in lokoja. But the police has to do the bidding of the FMC whom I suspected has spent a fortunes on them. What police invited me for which I made stamens in station was different from what they took to court. As a lawyer I will not say much on this. I wait for them in court. I have made many complaints to police in the past without action.

The police even went to forge a document to cover FMC, but I got the Attorney General of the Federation involved and came to prove the forgery by police in court in lokoja. It is the policy of Kogi Elder’s Forum, an incorporated body to fight injustice in Kogi state and Nigeria. In each petition 3 people are to sign from each senatorial District of the state. But FMC went to bribe such mean souls to say their signatures were forged. They have signed many others like that in past and the copies and their original signatures are with me. I am waiting to see the magic they will do to deny their signatures. My Law chamber, Elukpo, Elukpo & Co, has written more than what they are talking about. It is just to make the Forum relevant or else, is my chamber not more authentic than the Forum? People should be patient to wait and see the out come of the case. Many heads will role.

In response to some enquiry, I cannot rule out the hands of the instruments of Government of Kogi state. My relationship with Governor Yahaya Bello is cordial, he respects my views, where possible. Including the request from Kogi Elders’ Forum that he should appoint an Adviser for Federal Establishments that have taken us for granted in Kogi state and he did. But I observed that the person he appointed has not been doing the job and I once challenged him and copied the Governor. My photograph shown in the court report was the one I took with the Adviser when he was appointed immediately and he paid me a visit. To that extent I can say the Kogi State Govt has hands in the matter only? But not the Governor will descend to such level, I think. However, very shortly, I will drag Kogi State Government and our House of Assembly to court on their nonchalant attitude on FMC.

The FMC Lokoja is a joint venture agreement between Fed Govt and Kogi Govt. The place is being managed by criminals and all reports were made to them without any action, especially the House of Assembly. There is heavy corruption in FMC, our people are slaughtered on daily basis. A Kogi indigene was the most senior Doctor there but a Kwara indigene who is No. 13th in the hierarchy of Doctors was corruptly appointed. In all FMCs in Nigeria, their indigenes are the Medical Directors, except where they don’t have one. The immediate past MD, who claimed to be from West in Kogi planted Kwara man there to cover his fraud which I have been vehement that they must probe. Appointment of Board is to have Kogi indigenes at least State Ministry of Heath, but they will go to Abuja to bribe to exclude Kogi indigenes.

I have written to the Minister of Health and Federal character commission from my chamber that they are corrupt. FMC, Lokoja avoided all due process and also avoided Operation in accordance with Single Treasury Accounts (STA) so that any money collected on daily basis are used for themselves and to bribe their ways out as they are trying to do in this case. FMC lokoja is a death trap, no facilities. Stop on any street of lokoja and ask anybody on FMC lokoja, You will hear one story or the other. I will not stop fighting corruption in FMC lokoja except they change.

On 1 /3/2018, they issued letters of appointment to over 50 people, no advertisement , no interview, to cover up fraud. I will soon be in court with them on this. I have reported to the appropriate quarters of the police that in the event of anything happening to me, Dr Dada GBADEBO Eleshin and Dr Olatunde Oladeji ALABI of FMC, Lokoja, should be held responsible. The battle continues. My being charged to court is a small thing. It will rather make me a hero and more popular. I am above committing crime. My records can be checked even right from when I was born.

Dr. Chief Julius Elukpo, Esq., Ph.D, FNIM.

Julius Elukpo who is the Chairman of Kogi State Elders Forum was alleged to have forged the signatures of two persons to write a petition to the Minister of Health on March 22, 2017. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was subsequently granted bail.

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The suit was adjourned to March 19, 2018.

Source:  Kogireport


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