Despite Police Threat, Our Protest Against GATT Begins 2pm – Ogunlana

Adesina Ogunlana Chairman NBA Ikeja Branch

Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association NBA Ikeja Branch has called on lawyers and well-meaning Lagosians who are willing to abide by the directives of the Branch to join in the peaceful protest against the  hiked Land Use Charge now popularly referred to as Governor AMBODE  Toxic Taxes (GATT) which is about to commence at 2pm. According to Ogunlana, despite threats by the Nigerian Police Force, the NBA Ikeja would without fear or favour embark on the planned protest which he assured would be peaceful.

In a statement issued few minutes ago, Ogunlana said:

Yesterday Wednesday 27/3/2018, gun toting police numbering about a hundred invaded our secretariat. They came with no less than thirteen Hilux vans and led by a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. A Mohammed. Time was about 4-00 pm The DCP engaged me in my office over our intention to hold our protest against GATT ( Governor AMBODE  Toxic Taxes) , the extremely unpopular and massively rejected LAND USE CHARGE 2018 today 28-3/2018 .

According to the DCP, the protest will cause a scare and embarrassment. I asked him ‘ Who’ the gentleman replied ‘ The people’ I laughed and told him that our protest will take place but not at IKEJA and not before 2-00pm. The police officer persisted and demanded for a shift of the date of protest. Suddenly at about 6 00 pm, a letter came from the CP LAGOS inviting me to his office for 7.00 pm over an allegation of conduct likely to cause breach of the peace. By this time I had summoned an emergency meeting of the Branch and many Tigers were trooping in, all enraged at the invasion of their secretariat and vowing to resist my arrest. Then journalists started to calls and stories began to fly . The Police too sent out information that I was being sponsored by ‘ disgruntled politicians’ and that they would arrest Tigers if they hold a protest today . Then the Oba of Lagos himself a lawyer  called me and spoke like our Royal Father that his Majesty is, assuring that the throne is concerned about the GATT too and working on the Government for a reconsideration . We believe that Kabiyesi’s heart felt prayers for us  are answered already.  At about 7 30 pm, our hall became rowdy as Tigers engaged an overzealous and rude police officer and ejected him from the Bar Centre. Some thirty minutes later, the Police withdrew.

I wish to put the following on record: the protest of today, 29/3/2018 against GATT goes on , Tigers meet by 2-00 pm for the programme , any other interested persons, should join us  on the condition that they participate under our captaincy and direction. THE PROTEST IS PEACEFUL PROTEST .Thank you.

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