Diary of a Rookie Lagos Lawyer (7): Learned Silk! Argh!


 “MO good morning sir. I have been meaning to ask you something since yesterday. I came to your office straight from SAN’s office and I was told you stepped out. I came around in the evening, I was told to check the library, I didn’t see you at the library, at closing I came and you were gone. Were you deliberately avoiding to see me? We both laughed and MO looked at me like, “are you for real?” He then came close to me and placed his two hands right on my shoulders and said, “Even if I wanted, I would not be able to avoid you.” I was not thinking his answer. I was actually thinking what his hands were doing on my shoulder. I wriggled out of his hands in a way that sent the “I am not comfortable with that” message. I guess he got the message. He got serious. I am not ready to be taken advantage of.

I cleared my throat and asked quickly, “please MO, what does it mean to be on SAN’s Team?”  Still acting offended, he said “why don’t you find out.” “Ok, that was for not allowing you place your hands on my shoulder right?” I murmured under my breath, thanked him and left his office. Being on SAN’s Team meant change of office to the penthouse. It meant change of partners. We are a Team of five. I am the youngest in everything. DK and PP made sure I settled down as fast as possible. IOD also came out from her corner to welcome me. The two men at the extreme only waved hi! The Most Beautiful did not have my time at all. Unlike what I saw the last time, she seemed to be genuinely engrossed and overwhelmed by whatever was occupying her.

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DK was the first to speak, “Cece, you need to quickly settle down before SAN returns from Abuja. He is already at the airport.” I didn’t know what that was about, but I take every advice seriously.  Shortly after him, PP came. She had a different warning. After telling me how wonderful her three months marriage has been, she whispered.

“I noticed that BA did not respond to your greeting” she said, using her head to point towards the “Most Beautiful” I responded in whisper too.

“She seems very busy” She chuckled, then continued.

 “Even if she is not busy, she would still be acting like co-owner here. She is so full of herself. Just stay away from her as much as you can. She looks down on people like she is the only fair complexioned lady.” Then she leaned forward and lowered her whisper even the more,

 “I even think she has something with SAN. I didn’t tell you o.”

Those were really the least of my worries. I simply smiled and said in a very flat tone,

“oh wow, really?” I guess she got the message because she left.

For some reasons I never found out, SAN did not return to the office until closing. DK was so happy and singing for joy. IOD said to me, “tomorrow is the day you start working with SAN! I wish you all the best.” They all laughed including BA the Most Beautiful. Hmmm!

I got to the office the next day at 7:55 and met SAN already on his desk busy. By around 9.am everyone including yours truly was already exhausted. The intercom kept buzzing. Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir was all I heard. Nobody was seeing anybody. You are either standing to watch him rework what you presented, or taking a fresh instruction, or running down the stairs to check the library or checking the internet to print one thing or the other. Just one man! He kept five individuals on their toes until 1:30pm when he rose to go for lunch!

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I was shocked! I couldn’t process what I was feeling. The only words I could mutter were, “PP, please is it always like this? PP looked at me with pity and responded, “well, almost, anytime SAN is around. But, don’t worry, you get used to his shouting and it gets easy.” My heart skipped. The two times he called me within these period, he shook his head on both occasions and obviously held himself from shouting.

SAN did not settle down on his sit from his lunch before buzzing me. I dutifully took my note pad and biro, the third time.

“What do you know about AMCON?”



“They are government agency”

“yes?” I just stood, looking at him. I know I had read about AMCON. I only just forgot, I was shaking.

“You don’t know what AMCON is? You haven’t heard about AMCON? You must be kidding me. What are you doing here? What do you know? How long have you been with us?”

Haa, he forgot? “Sir, I have been in the office for a few months, I am a Youth Corp member. You asked me to join the team last week.”

“Well, this is not an excuse! Write a comprehensive essay on AMCON, its enabling law, its functions and constitution. Present it to me in 30 mins!”

Yes, I was pained when I began to read about AMCON because I had gone to court with MO on a matter that involved AMCON.

Anyway, I gave a good account of myself. 30 minutes, I was back with my essay and I presented it like a secondary school student in a debate class.

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SAN was impressed but he refused to show it! So his response was, “Now that you know AMCON, we have a meeting at AMCON tomorrow.”

One day only in SAN’s office and I experienced the pressure I never had all the period I resumed work in the firm. SAN is living up to his name. He is a handful. All the while I kept wondering how a man too busy, too occupied can be linked to a woman in the office. Is it just someone’s imagination or does he really have time to also have office romance?

I definitely would find out and very soon too!

If I have to keep a proper diary, then I need to account for both the legal and human issues shaping my growth and development as a young, inquisitive Lawyer. If my experiences impacts anyone positively, then I would have succeeded. DNL L&S gave me a platform to express myself and I am grateful.


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