Did you know about the Merriment and Entertainment Bye Law in Lagos?


Many people appear to be ignorant of the existence of the official charges for Merriment and Entertainment in certain parts of Lagos.

What this means is that, as Lagos resident, each time you want to hold a social gathering such as birthday party, burial ceremony, wedding, and such like, you need a permit — the Merriment and Entertainment Permit — being issued by Agege Local Government Area as ratified by law.

The local government authority on Thursday confirmed that residents need to obtain the permit before they could legitimately hold social gathering.

The Area Officer, Iloro area of Agege, Mr. Badmus Nurudeen Olugbenga, confirmed that the local government issues the permit as needed.

Olugbenga said that residents who want to have a party are required to pay a total of N10,500 into the coffers of the local government, while the invoice would be raised in the office.

According to Punch Online, following a letter trending on the social media with Agege Local Government Letterhead asking for a Merriment permit from an Agege residenta call was placed through to the number on the letterhead,

The letter stated that the recipient, whose house was on 100, Dopemu Road, Agege, had held a party on 13th May, 2018 without seeking and obtaining the permission of the local government area office in Iloro.

The letter therefore asked the recipients to pay N10,500 being “Merriment/Entertainment permit in accordance with the Merriment bye-Laws enacted by the Local government.”

Bank’s details for payment were also listed in the letter.

Mr. Olugbenga clarified that the permit was necessary for all social gatherings, whether they are held in private residences or at rented event centres.

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He was, however, clear that the council would not grant a permit for a party to be held on the road.

The letter



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