DNL Legal & Style Introduces NWLR This week


    The relief that comes with finding case, legal authorities, statutes and materials with a click or two can best be described by a lawyer in active legal practice.

    In view of the above and the almost non existence of reliable online resources for lawyers in this regard, I recently charged the Nigerian Law Publications Limited on the need for the Nigerian Weekly Law Report NWLR to go online. I had indicated that there is hardly no law firm in Nigeria that does not have at least a copy of the NWLR and I also noted the benefit of the NWLR to lawyers. My post can be read here.

    Having been assured that the above is being considered and in its continued effort to contribute its quota to legal education, DNL Legal & Style would on weekly basis provide its readers with selected legal issue(s) from the Nigerian Weekly Law Report.

    Watch this space.

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