Femi Falana , a High Priest in the Masses’ Vineyard – Jiti Ogunye

    Femi Falana SAN

    He had wanted to be a priest
    But now he dons the lawyer’s wig
    Using his learning, skill and advocacy
    To set principles, precedents and authorities.

    He had wanted to be a man of the clergy
    But he became a people’s revolutionary
    Waging a struggle with a clenched fist
    For the emancipation of the masses.

    He had wanted to be a priest
    Praying for the troubled, afflicted and weak
    But he now prays judges in cases and briefs
    To secure redress for those seeking reliefs.

    And he has done it well as he attains sixty
    Marching on with unflagging zeal
    So that the poor, the neglected and needy
    Ultimately in our land will have a just deal.

    For Femi Falana ( Obafemi Patrick Falana ), SAN, as he attains sixty years of age.

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