FIDA Lagos, Girl Child Foundation Demand Justice for Little Ngozi Uba


The International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Lagos Chapter and the Girl Child Foundation, an NGO have taken up the case of a little girl named Ngozi Uba who was seriously battered by her madam Mrs. Chioma Obi for allegedly cutting her children’s finger nails without accounting for where she kept the nails.

Narrating the story to us, a source who wishes to be anonymous said, “Mrs. Chioma Obi who lives at No 7 Maxwell Street somewhere in Ago Palaceway Okota took the little girl as a house help and has been maltreating and beating her at every opportunity. On this recent occasion, she complained that Ngozi cut her children’s fingernails and branded her a witch, after which she inflicted deep cut injuries on her body leaving her in pains and agony. The poor girl still carried the wounds to school.

It was at her school, “Kingdom of God School, No. 7/9 Community Road Ago Palaceway Okota” that the fact of her ordeal was brought to the attention of the Proprietor of the school who immediately reported the case to the police. Mrs. Chioma was then arrested.

Even at the police station, Mrs. Chioma who apparently did not realize the gravity of what she did, was unrepentant and showed no remorse over her actions. It was her husband Mr. Chidozie Obi who claimed to have returned recently from Cotonou that was pleading with the police to forgive his wife and release the child back to him. He also made an undertaken to ensure that his wife does not beat the girl again.

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The above explanation and the fact that the girl’s mother has already said she wants the girl to remain in Mrs. Chioma’s house, made the police to release the her to the Obi’s family again.

However, things took a twist when the fact of the above incident was brought to the knowledge of FIDA Lagos and the Girl Child Foundation. They immediately swung into action refusing the whole arrangement with the Police and insisting that Mrs. Chioma must be charged to court and prosecuted. FIDA and the NGO also demanded the immediate release of the child to the NGO to enable them take her to a safe shelter.

According to the spokesperson of FIDA Lagos, the injuries are so grievous, we cannot risk allowing the woman take back the child. She will just kill her. We are not stopping at that, Madam Chioma who unfortunately is pregnant must be made to face the law. What she did to another woman’s child is despicable. As a woman who is pregnant, she did the worst evil by inflicting this amount of injury on a little child. Question is, would she do this to her unborn child? If no, then why should she walk away with this amount of crime. We would make sure that she is charged to court and we would pursue the case until we get justice for the little girl Chioma. It is the least that we can do for her as women lawyers.




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