In The Future Bar, Law Practice Should Thrive on Mentorship of Young Lawyers – Miracle Akusobi, Esq.

Miracle Akusobi Esq.

As a noble profession, being a Lawyer is prestigious. It is more prestigious when a Young Lawyer is in a vintage position to achieve a long – term success at the bar.

The first step a Young Lawyer should take to breakthrough in the profession is to acknowledge the importance of mentorship. In the profession, good mentorship is the golden key to a successful career in the profession.

Law practice is a vocation and a professional business wherein clients are customers whose demands require the lawyer’s strategies, skills and sound knowledge of the law before the client’s practical solutions can be met. This is why every young lawyer should have a mentor. Mentorship is the greenhorns of the profession, and Law practice thrives on mentorship.

The sojourn of mentorship teaches every young lawyer the law and the law business. Good mentorship helps the young lawyer to know the law, learn how to bring in clients, how to bill clients, how to handle such clients, and among others.

There are several benefits of having a good mentor. A good mentor is someone who is willing to open up his chest of experience in other to expose the young lawyer to wealth of experience.  A good mentor guides the young lawyer in making his career decisions in law practice.

Further, any mentor who is interested in the professional development of the young lawyer will introduce him to world of contacts. Such mentor will always notify the young lawyer of the programs, workshops, and seminars of great importance to such a young lawyer.

A good mentor inspires a young lawyer. Such mentor helps to bring out the talent and ability within the young lawyer. He helps the young lawyer to perceive his own weakness and address them with courage.

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Good and experienced mentors are teachers, emancipators, correctors, improvers and developers. A young lawyer without a mentor is like a sheep without a Shepherd.

Therefore, without mentorship, a young lawyer can easily succumb to folly, lacks professionalism, and falls short of the indispensable legal skills and experience.


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