How It All Started – Murdered UNIJOS Law Student’s Best Friend Speaks


Adediran Timothy  Oluwafemi is a 300 level law student of the University of Jos, course mate and best friend to the murdered Kums Shedrack Fenan.

DNL Legal and Style was directed by law students of the Institution to reach out to Olufemi who they said was an eyewitness to the killing.

We called Olufemi who is still obviously grieve stricken and he told us how much of a saviour the deceased was to the entire students in the hostel. Femi confirmed that the deceased was shot at by a soldier and not the boys trying to penetrate the hostel.

According to Olufemi, all the student are asking for is for justice to be done. He wants the person that shot at his best friend to be fished out and made to face the law. He asks Government to come to the aid of the students. He calls on the school authority to provide security for students in the hostel.

The unedited account of what happened as detailed and sent to us by Olufemi below:

I lost a brother, a friend and my twin today being the 30th day of September. 

The painful path is the responses coming from various unions such as the NAPPSS, and LSS. You  failed to get whole story and decided to post what u feel like posting.  IF I DIE IN THE STRUGGLE THEN SO BE IT this was his last post on his Facebook handle yesterday. 

It all started with a great call GREAT JOSSITES and it would amaze you that this call came from KUMS SHEDRACK FENAN he alerted the hostel community as to the state of affairs of things. The guys across the road were making processes to come into the hostel vicinity when he alerted us.  

He saved the whole student village.  Not only that, he also saved a woman and her barely four(4) months old baby across the road who was travelling. Now this woman is stranded in the hostel but her savior is no more.

Not quite long soldiers came and started shooting. At that moment I saw a fair soldier who came and shoot his gun (ak47) at were the students were.  Not long after that I saw students shouting nasu ne  nasu ne meaning their own. On trying to access the situation I discovered it was KUMS SHEDRACK FENAN who had been shot on the head.

At that moment I was restless but managed to try to stop the bleeding but to no avail. Attempts were made to rush him to clinic which proved abortive. Also the whole clinic in Russua could not still help his situation. 

For all those claiming he was shot outside the hostel premises I beg you, don’t spread things you don’t know as he was shot inside the hostel.

Now KUMS is dead but I call on all JOSSITIES that his death be not in vain.  On this, I urged the VICE CHANCELLOR and the DEAN OF STUDENTS AFFAIRS and all other person’s that the STUDENTS HOSTEL COMMUNITY SHOULD BE PROPERLY FENCED AND APPROPRIATE SECURITY BE PROVIDED. 

ON this I call on all JOSSITIES  to help rebroadcast till justice is gotten for him as he has sacrificed his life for us all. As he died in the struggle.

If not for KUMS only God knows how many souls would have been lost.  I am alive because KUMS was there to alert us all. You are alive because  KUMS  contributed to YOU been alive.  So let’s make his death count for something.


Photos showing gunshots allegedly fired by soldiers into the students hostel

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