How to Improve Corporate Affairs Commission – Che Oyinatumba Writes New Chairman

How to Improve Corporate Affairs Commission - Che Oyinatumba Writes New Chairman
Prince Dapo Abiodun

Mr. Ashimole Felix, Esq. popularly known as Che Oyinatumba has written an open letter to the newly appointed Chairman of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Prince Adedapo Abiodun, MFR on ways to improve the operations of the Commission.

Che who introduced himself to the Chairman as  a concerned Nigerian, an accredited customer of Corporate Affairs Commission and a Secretary of over six (6) Companies registered and doing business with Corporate Affairs Commission described the recent appointment of the Chairman as a welcome soothing breeze of fresh air.

“I heartily congratulate you on your appointment as the Chairman of Corporate Affairs Commission. This is a welcome soothing breeze of fresh air after over two years that Corporate Affairs Commission operated without a Chairman.”

He further described the Chairman as a “goal-getter” and a man committed to achieving great feat.

“A look at your profile, shows you are a man of excellence, a goal-getter and a man committed to achieving great feat. Your choice by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, to appoint you as Chairman of Corporate Affairs Commission, was a well thought-out choice and he has high confidence that your excellent qualities and proven track record of achievements will come to bear in improving image, service delivery and revenue generation by Corporate Affairs Commission.”

Che began his letter by accusing the Commission of under-performing suggested a total overhaul of the Management Staff of the Commission

“Sir, Corporate Affairs Commission, is a world class institution but had been under-performing due to administrative laziness and inability of the management staff to think outside the box and be innovative.”

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“ This is because they have over stayed in their comfort positions as directors for over 8 years and have become use of doing the same things in the same manner and refuses to try something new, in this era of fast moving technological age.”

“To get Corporate Affairs Commission running and operating on its full capacity, the Management staff should be overhauled and this overhauling can only be done by the Registrar General in line with Section 8 of Companies And Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 1990.”

In his letter, he advised the Chairman to ensure that no existing Director of CAC is recommended for appointment as the next Registrar General giving reasons for his advice as follows:

“A detailed investigation will reveal that the current Management Staff does not enjoy the confidence of the entire staff, the Staff Union and the body of accredited customers of Corporate Affairs Commission.”

“It will be recipe for monumental failure if you in accordance with Section 2 and 8 of CAMA, recommend for appointment to the Minister, any current director of Corporate Affairs Commission to be the next Registrar General of Corporate Affairs Commission.”

Accusing the immediate past administration of occasioning the rot in the CAC, Mr. Che warned that the existing Management Staff of CAC will not aid the re-positioning of the Commission:

“The rot in Corporate Affairs Commission that had dwarfed the potentials of Corporate Affairs Commission was perpetuated actively by the immediate past Registrar General with active participation of his Special Adviser and these Directors.”

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“As Chairman of the Commission, you are legally empowered to appoint any Nigerian (From home and abroad), “who is qualified to practice as legal practitioner in Nigeria and had been so qualified for not less than 10 years and in addition, has experience in company law practice or administration for not less than 8 years” Section 8(1) CAMA 1990.”

“The existing Management Staff of Corporate Affairs Commission, will not aid you in delivering the mandate of re-positioning the Commission as a global player in business regulation that will increase confidence for foreign businesses men and women to want to invest in Nigeria.”

He then suggested best way to revitalize and re-position the Commission;

“Corporate Affairs Commission, needs a fresh, innovative Nigerian, with capacity to think outside the box, as its next Registrar General and Nigeria has outstanding pool of such great men and women.”

“Sir, your Commission, should not narrow the choice of the next Registrar General of Corporate Affairs Commission to the Management and Staff of Corporate Affairs alone; it will be a great disservice to Nigeria.”

“Sir, another group, whose goodwill you need and should court for you to re-position Corporate Affairs Commission is AMALGAMATED UNION OF PUBLIC CORPORATIONS, CIVIL SERVICE TECHNICAL AND RECREATIONAL SERVICES EMPLOYEES (AUPCTRE) This Union has resolutely shown that it does not compromise the interest and welfare of its members. They are the bedrock of Corporate Affairs Commission and can cause great embarrassment if not carefully handled.”

“They are patriotic, their zeal for a better working environment can be harnessed to birth a re-branded Corporate Affairs Commission that will be the envy of the global business community.”

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“For a clean start, I humbly suggest that you get external auditor, to investigate the financial activities of Corporate Affairs Commission in the past 4 years, particularly the 3 years it operated without a Board. Furthermore, all Directors should be investigated and those found financially corrupt, should be made to face the relevant anti-corruption agencies.”

Full letter here


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