In Defence of Evans and His Lawyer – Magi Peremobowei Lawrence


Mr. Magi Peremobowei Lawrence is fed up with all the bickering about Evans the alleged Kidnapper and his right to have a defence lawyer. He is also miffed by the fact that many think his lawyer has committed an offence by taking up his case. Read his rant:


The notorious kidnapper’s saga and public reactions to his trial over his alleged kidnapping offence. I read an outpouring of commentaries and reactions from the social media platforms by some folk that the embattled kidnapper, Evans, deserves no legal representation following his alleged kidnapping and other related offences

To my consternation, though much should not be perturbed about as to that, because I can vividly understand the distinct fact that such comments are borne out of illiteracy as to the letter and spirit of the law.

To this end, I am not with a conceited manner but enthused to make it clear that the notorious/embattled Evans is under the law presumed innocent until the contrary is proven as contained in section 36(5)of the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as amended.

More so, the same constitution (the grundnorm) in its unambiguous and clear provisions under section 36 (6)(c) guarantees legal representation as a constitutional right to every accused person, which cannot be taken away from or be treated with disdainful eyes.

The law is also trite in a plethora of judicial authorities that an accused cannot defend himself in person even in a “CAPITAL OFFENCE” as such representation is being charged to a legal practitioner simpliciter

Noncompliance with the above constitutional provisions would certainly render the entire trial a nullity and will be quashed on appeal.

It is an height of intelligence bankruptcy for any one to have hurled insults at a lawyer who is obligated under the law to accept any brief in the the Court to speak out in defense for justice.

Suffice it to say that Evans is entitled to the defense, even battery of lawyers can do so if he likes.


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