Incoming Administration to Consider Constitutional Amendment – A.B Mahmoud

NBA President A.B Mahmoud SAN

It is no longer news that the much publicized discussion on the Amendment of the 2015 NBA Constitution at the Annual General Meeting of the NBA did not hold. However, many did not know why the constitutional amendment was stepped down.

In a statement issued by the President of the NBA at the end of the AGM on Thursday, decision to suspend the amendments   was reached after discussions with, the incoming President, Mr. Paul Usoro SAN and it was agreed that  the incoming administration would consider the amendment.

It would be recalled that the decision by the outgoing Executive to amend the constitution met stiff opposition from the bar community. Of notable importance was the letter written to the NBA President by Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN where in he condemned in strong terms the proposed amendment calling same an ill wind that will blow in no fresh breath.

According to Chief OlanipekunI dare say that the proposed amendments in some material particulars will turn out to be an ill-wind which will bring or blow in no fresh breath. You are advised not to force the amendments on our beloved Association at the AGM, which, with much respect, might be constituted in such a way that the attendees would not readily understand or appreciate the unending conundrum we will be plunged into if the amendments sail through. And in case you insist on going ahead to present the amendments at the AGM, can you be gracious enough, as a lawyer and leader to circulate this letter of mine to the AGM.” read details here

Many others followed with the rejection of the proposed amendment including some branches of the NBA.

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The Executives finally bowed to pressure and stepped down issues relating to the constitutional amendment. Whether the incoming administration would take up the task would be seen shortly.


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