Industrial Court Trains Staff on Judgement Enforcement Procedures

Industrial Court Trains Staff on Judgement Enforcement Procedures
Participants at the NICN Seminar

Recently, the fair and effective enforcement of judgments emerged as an issue of critical importance towards achieving the Rule of Law and sustainable economic and democratic reform. Yet relatively little is known, aside from limited anecdotal evidence about how the process of enforcement works in theory and practice, how much it cost, who is responsible for it, what the major barriers to enforcement are and how to cross-over those barriers.

To that end, this discussion took a center stage on Friday 26th January, 2018 at the seminar and capacity building workshop organized for all staff of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, Abuja division. The seminar centered on “Post Judgement Procedure and Possible Obstacles at NICN.

Hon. Justice Sanusi Kado who spoke on the topic  took time to analyze key barriers to a fair and effective judgment enforcement process as well as the cost of accessing the enforcement process from the perspective of court users.

 Also speaking at the Seminar was the Deputy Director (Admin-PRS) Olatunde Mopelola who spoke on  Understanding & Applying work ethics to further reposition the court for greater efficiency. She explained Ethics as the branch of philosophy that theoretically, logically and rationally determines right from wrong, good from bad, moral from immoral and just from unjust actions, conducts and behavior.

 The capacity building workshop enriched the participants on various issues on the burner relating to judgment enforcement at the NICN.

A participants Abolaji M. Antony of Litigation department who spoke on behalf of the other participants thanked the organizers of the training session and promised that all that was learnt would be put into effective practice. In his words; “We are very happy for the lectures; we have learnt what we don’t know before and we shall put all what we learnt into practice.”

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