JS Okutepa SAN & Co Celebrates 25th Anniversary

    JS Okutepa SAN (centre) With some of the Lawyers in the Firm

    Founder and Principal Partner of JS Okutepa SAN & Co, Mr. Jibrin Samuel Okutepa SAN is thanking God for his blessing and counting his blessings on this day which marks the 25th anniversary of establishing the law firm which is also known as the Grace of God Chambers.

    The learned Silk took time to reflect on where the firm started from and thanked those who contributed in one way or the other to the growth and development of the firm.

    On this day 25 years ago God helped me and I opened my law firm and became the boss of myself. God used great men to help me to get the office space. Senior Iorwase Ahile Esq was the person God first used to let me know of the office space. He may not remember again. But I remember everything he did to let me know of the office space. I did not have money to rent an office apartment but God used Ibrahim Shaibu Atadoga Esq as he then was, now Hon Justice Ibrahim Shaibu Atadoga, Hon President, Kogi State Customary Court of Appeal to give me a one year rent free apartment. The location was No 51 Railway Bye Pass High Level Makurdi, Benue State. The starting point of the journey was rough and excruciating. The money in my pocket on this day then was not up to #100.00. I did not have any money in the bank and indeed I did not have bank account then. I set on a journey the destination of which only God knows the end from the beginning.

    The law firm was named Grace of God Chambers because I got the office space by the Grace of God. God did not leave me. He kept me and made me who I am today by his Grace only. This same God again blessed me and on this day 1st April 2016, 2 years ago our law firm office in Abuja was officially dedicated and commissioned by my father in the Lord Bishop David Abioye, the Vice President Living Faith Church World Wide. I didn’t know God will honour me this way.

    Join me thank this awesome and great God who knew me before I was born. He has been my helper in times of trouble. I know this God will not leave me alone. He has no abandoned project. My life has always been the project of God. He made me to sit and dine with kings and princes. My God is too much. Join me celebrate 25 years of God’s faithfulness. Without God I am completely nothing. Jesus is lord.

    We rejoice with the Founder and pray for greater heights!

    Read the story of JS Okutepa’s humble beginning in this delightful interview, click here

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