Lagos Judiciary Increases Probate Fees


The Lagos State Judiciary has announced the upward review of the Administration of Estate (Small Estate Payments Exemption) Law, 2005 and other reviews.

In a public notice dated 5th July, 2018 and signed by the Chairman of the Special Committee on Probate Section Hon. Justice D.T Okwuobi, the State Judiciary stated:

“Notice is hereby given to members of the public that the Hon. Chief Judge of Lagos State, Hon. Mr. Justice Opeyemi O. Oke in exercising her power has magnanimously approved the following to improve service delivery at the Probate Section of Lagos State Judiciary.

  • Upward Review of the Administration of Estates (Small Estate Payment Exemption) Law 2005
  • Review of the Assessment fees of pending applications
  • Entertainment of Appeals from members of the public on Assessment fees. The Appeals should be directed to the office of the Hon. Chief Judge for her consideration and approval.
  • Allowance of part payment of Assessment fees from 1st August and December 31, 2018.

Take Notice that an e-filing project will be commissioned to automate the process of the Probate Registry to facilitate the issuance of Probate Grant and Letters of Administration expeditiously in the New Legal Year.

For Clarification and further enquiry, please contact the officers of the Probate Section of the High Court of Lagos and Ikeja Divisions.”

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