LAWSAN Partners ‘Jurisciti Innovations’ on Lawyers – Law Students Interaction


To All Law Students:

The Law Students’ Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Jurisciti Innovations, a firm focused on building an electronic network for the legal profession in Nigeria.

The partnership is for LAWSAN to benefit from the firm’s legal-centric site project: ‘‘. is a 2 platform site:

The Community: Built with the legal profession in mind, this platform is exclusive to lawyers and law students. The exclusiveness of the Community is to strengthen the ethical foundations of the profession without washing our dirty linens in the public.

The Super User Account: The site has amazing features like timeline update – texts, photos, videos, private chats, making connections, etc. There is also a feature called the Super User Account which is an account whose posts are seen by everyone on the platform.

Jurisciti is making the Offices of the NBA President, Branch Chairmen, that of Secretaries and the offices of the Young Lawyers’ Forum (YLF) Chairmen Super Users. With this partnership, offices of the LAWSAN President and selected executives at the National and desirous chapter levels will be made Super Users.

Benefits to LAWSAN:

The community platform is intended to bring all the members of the legal profession including law students into one platform. The platform will generate massive publicity and bridge communication gap between the National body and the law students, and also provide networking opportunities amongst law students and between law students and lawyers.

The Content:

This Platform is open to all law students. Importantly, a user can find templates, articles, and educational videos to enrich their legal practice, broaden their legal skills and increase their knowledge of the law.

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In his instructive letter to the CEO of Jurisciti, Mr. Eldridge Odomero Emekawovie, Esq., the LAWSAN National President, Mr. Atiku Muhammad Jafar, applauded JURISCITI innovations for its commitment to an ICT-based legal profession network, thus

“May I commend your commitment to an ICT-driven, 21st Century compliant legal profession network. In order to take full advantage of the content you offered, and with a view to providing networking opportunities and capacity building platform for law students, you are, by this letter, authorised to register and host the LAWSAN National Super User Account(s). This partnership also covers registration for all LAWSAN Chapters to benefit from this innovative project, please”

The President enjoins all law students to register at in order to benefit immensely from this partnership. Super User Accounts of various Chapters will be available upon request.

For enquiries, contact or

Law Students’ Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN)
National Secretariat,
Faculty of Law,
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria


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