Let’s Help Save Moses Elijah Akpan Esq.

Moses Elijah Akpan

We found this with Mary Uwannah

Good afternoon, learned Silks, Seniors and colleagues. The person in the picture is Moses Elijah Akpan, who is in dire need of our help.

Our friend and colleague Moses Elijah Akpan is fighting for his life. He was diagnosed of Ulcer of the Oesophagus since last year. He managed it by himself in Abuja until he couldn’t keep up and he then relocated back to uyo.

He is seriously sick at the moment and requires an urgent surgery in India to save his life. He told me that the surgery will cost $10500 (N3,192,000) and this amount is needed as soon as possible.

We have an opportunity now to do good and save the life of our friend and colleague. Please let us do all we can according to our varying capacity to save Moses. Let him not die just that. Please, I beseech everyone to do even more by reaching out to persons or anyone that could be of assistance one way or the other.

Last year we cried and hoped we could have helped to prevent the tears… Now we can. Please do not forget Moses in your prayers every day and let’s pull together now than ever.

No donation is too small, please. His account details are as follows:
0301188075 (Ecobank)
Moses Elijah Akpan.

Let’s save Moses’ life.
Please, please, and please.

Thanks everyone.

Editor’s note:

We hope this gets to the NBA branches and National. This young man has a curable health challenge and deserves to live.

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