Magistrate in Kano Rejects N1m Bribe, Jails Promoter

Photo Credit: Thisday

The Chief Magistrate of Rijiyar Zaki Court, Aminu Sulaiman Fagge has turned down a one million Naira bribe offered him to allegedly influence a case pending before him.

After rejecting the bribe, the Judge put the bribe promoter behind bars for what he called an abuse of the judicial system and an insult to his collective intelligence.

Fagge, an outspoken critic of the rot in the prosecution and other court processes, was known in the judicial circle as a “rebel within” and is also among the few that has defied all entreaties to be cowed, no matter the situation.

His stance on cases before his Court, especially those seen as or considered difficult or complex in nature remain exemplary and most of the time, spent days or even weeks before cases are assigned to him for adjudication.

The spokesman of the Kano State High Court, Baba Jibo Ibrahim confirmed the bribe offer issue. He said by this singular action, the Chief Magistrate has made the State Chief Judge and indeed the Judiciary proud, and described the action as worthy of emulation.

Ibrahim said people in the State should continue to have confidence in the judiciary as the case of Aminu Fagge has clearly demonstrated. He therefore commended him on behalf of the State Chief Judge and appealed to other Judicial Officers to emulate him.



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