Magistrate Withdraws from Case on the Day of Judgement

Magisrate court

A magistrate, Mr J.A, Akan, of the Ota Magistrates’ Court 2, has withdrawn from a case which he was supposed to pronounce judgement.

The magistrate withdrew from the case on Monday on the grounds of not wanting to be biased in judgement after he had initiated a peace process between the two parties.

The case was between the Al-Haqqul-Mubin Society of Nigeria and two members of the group, Lukman Olawale and Abdulwaheed Abubakri.

Akan had reportedly initiated the peace process after the conclusion of trial and after he had adjourned for judgment.

The two parties involved were allegedly unable to settle amicably.

It was gathered that Olawale was a member of Al-Haqqul-Mubin Society of Nigeria.

He was reportedly transferred to start a branch of the society in the Iju-Ota area of Ogun State in 2010 and the society was said to have provided all that was needed to set up the new branch.

A new member of the society, Abubakri, also reportedly presented a land to the society for future expansion of the branch and had made a deed of transfer of the land to the society.

Funds were also raised at the society’s headquarter to build structures on the land.

Olawale was said to have resigned as the ‘missioner’ of the branch in 2016 and allegedly instigated Abubakri to chase away the new ‘missioner’ and the members of the society from the land.

The duo had allegedly formed a new society and converted the property of Al-Haqqul-Mubin Society of Nigeria into their use.

The case was first brought before the magistrate on March 26, 2018, and was adjourned for judgement on June 19, 2018, after the conclusion of trial.

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However, during the court sitting on Monday, the magistrate said, “I hereby withdraw from this case on the grounds of bias. Due to the fact that I initiated a peace process between the two parties and they were unable to settle amicably, I disqualify myself from pronouncing judgement.

“The case would be sent back to the registrar to be reassigned to another court.”

The Chairman, Board of Trustee, Al-Haqqul-Mubin Society of Nigeria society, Alhaji Mubeen Bello, however, told our correspondent on Tuesday that he had written a petition to the Chief Judge of Ogun State on the matter.

He explained that it was unethical for the judge to initiate a peace process after the end of trial.


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