My Son’s Unaccomplished Goals Will Hunt Me for Years – Father of Slain UNIJOS Law Student


Dauda Kums, the father of a slain 19-year-old student at University of Jos, Plateau State, says he will be haunted for years by the unaccomplished goal of his late son.

He said the 300-level law student, Shedrack Kums, had promised to make the family proud by becoming the first youngest Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

Shedrack was shot dead on Sunday, September 30 at his hostel outside the school campus in the wake of incessant violent attacks in the Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, where the university is located.

Shedrack’s killing came two days after suspected Fulani herdsmen in military uniform stormed houses on Rukuba Road, Jos North, and killed 10 persons, including eight members of a family.

There were, however, multiple accounts on the circumstances surrounding the teenager’s death. An account had it that he was shot dead while students were trying to resist the suspected armed herdsmen, who wanted to invade the hostel.

Another account stated that he was inside the hostel and was hit by the bullets reportedly fired by soldiers who came to repel the assailants.

In an interview with our correspondent during the week, the deceased’s father, Dauda, said he had planned to visit his son in the hostel that day, but Shedrack told him the place was tense and advised him not to come.

Dauda said later in the day, around 4pm, he received a call from a student that there was a crisis in the hostel and that Shedrack was shot.

He said, “When he (Shedrack) told me the place was tense, I advised him to stay indoors. Around 4pm, I was called that my son had been shot dead. I quickly left home. As I was close to his hostel, some soldiers stopped me. They said I could not go in and I went back.

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“A few metres away from the hostel, his roommate called me that some injured students had been taken to the military hospital. I went to the hospital, but my son was not there. Around 6pm, one of his course mates called to tell me that my son was in a critical condition at a hospital. I went there and lo and behold, I met him dead.

“I was told the Fulani herdsmen were approaching the school gate and that soldiers came to repel them. Some of his friends told me he was shot by soldiers. He had been given a heroic burial, but we want justice to prevail. Those who perpetrated this dastardly act should be brought to book. The university management representatives were also present at the burial.”

Dauda explained that he was pained that his son’s dream to be the youngest SAN could not come to fruition, describing him as a brilliant student.

He stated that the incident had left his wife completely devastated and thrown the family into “a very bad mood.”

He added, “He was the first child of the family. When he got admission to the university, he said he was going to be the youngest Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He was 19 years old. I gave him all the necessary support he needed to accomplish his ambition. In the family, we called him young SAN. Unfortunately his dream has been cut short. I monitor his performance and he never disappointed me.”

Shedrack’s brother, 16-year-old Pimjum, recalled that they had fun together during his (Pimjum’s) graduation from secondary school recently. He said he could not believe that would be the last happy moment he would share with his brother.

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“During the graduation, we took a lot of pictures and had fun. I was supposed to follow my dad to visit him on the day he died. It is sad I would not see him again,” he added.

Shedrack’s friend, Nenkimwa Gotodok, said although she did not witness the incident, she was informed that he was shot in the hostel by a soldier, adding that the hostel wall was riddled with bullets.

Gotodok said, “He was a close friend. I am the Vice President, Plateau State Students’ Association, University of Jos chapter. I was a ‘political mother’ to him. He would always come around to seek advice because he wanted to run for the SUG President of the school.”

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