NBA 2018 Election: ECNBA Announces New Election Date


The Electoral Commmittee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) has announced fresh date for the 2018 NBA National Election. This the ECNBA followed the successful completion of the cleaning up exercise of voters list by Crenet Techlab, the new IT firm engaged to clear the verification exercise.

Read the statement below:


The Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) has successfully completed the cleaning up exercise of the voters list by Messrs Crenet TechLab. The Committee has conducted the efficacy testing of the e-voting/IT infrastructure to be deployed for the voting exercise.

We have also conducted a mock election and tested the election portal.

The service provider responsible for carrying out the verification exercise, which will enable the cleaned data to be deployed online and for our members to verify their details and correct any errors, has fully briefed the ECNBA, the technical representatives of candidates and other stakeholders. Whilst all are generally satisfied with the readiness except a few challenges relating primarily to the SMS aspect of the delivery of verification notification, which is being addressed, the ECNBA and stakeholders agree that additional time be given for the challenges to be fully and satisfactorily resolved and the portal further tested.

In the circumstances, the ECNBA, after consultation with National Officers, Stakeholders and Representatives of Candidates, considered it expedient to issue the following new timelines:

  1. The Election process will commence with verification exercise on Tuesday 31st July 2018;
  2. The verification portal will be deployed latest by 8:00pm on Tuesday 31st July;
  3. A call center to provide assistance to members who may have challenges with the verification exercise and subsequently the voting exercise will be ready and deployed by Tuesday 12.00noon. The details including the telephone numbers will be issued;
  4. Verification will end at 10.00am on Thursday 2nd August, 2018;
  5. The formal transfer of the verified data to the e-portal service provider will take place on Thursday 2nd August;
  6. Accreditation and voting will commence by 10:00 pm on Thursday 2nd August and end Saturday 10:00am 4th August 2018 with results being announced immediately afterwards.
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The ECNBA wishes to assure our members and all stakeholders that it is fully committed to conducting free, fair and credible elections and it is working round the clock to ensure that this is achieved. It wishes to thank the candidates and their representatives who have been fully informed and consulted on various stages of the process.

The ECNBA also expresses its appreciation to the President and National Officers for their support and understanding in dealing with the issues that have arisen.

We appeal to our members to continue to be patient as we address these issues and commence the election process on Tuesday 31st July, 2018.

Be assured of our professional regards.

Prof A. H. Yadudu Bolaji Agoro Esq
Chairman ECNBA Secretary, ECNBA


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