NBA 2018 Election: Step by Step Verification Guide


Verification exercise of the 2018 National Officers` Elections shall commence from 8:00pm on Tuesday 31st July to 10.00am on Thursday 2nd August, 2018.

The link to the verification portal is and shall go live and be available to members to access as from 8:00pm on 31st July 2018. A call center/help line (09087417079) has been provided for voters to address various issues and questions associated with the verification exercise. Members can call this number as from 10:00am Wednesday 1st August, 2018.

A step- by- step guide to assist members is available on the link provided above and as stated below:

1. Find Your Record- Go to the verification Link ( ) Users enter their enrolment number (SCN…..) into the search bar.

Once the user provides his/her SCN , the system will implement a search and upon discovery of any record that matches the provided search parameter, will present an encrypted version of the user’s information as stored in the voter’s list provided by the Nigerian Bar Association. The user can then request for a password *Access Code* to be sent to either the E-mail address or Telephone Number on file.

2. Access Code & User Login

On receiving your access code, please revisit the link ( ) and click on the “Set Password” button to input your SCN and Access Code to enable you to create a password which in turn grants you access to the Verification Portal where you can view, confirm and verify your information available on file.

3. Incorrect/Missing Information In the event were users cannot remember SCN or where it is not found in the system, either “Search with other information” like your “Your Name”, “Select NBA Branch”, “Your Email Address” or “Your Phone Number”. After searching for additional

information and still can’t find your information, please click on the “Report Missing Information” button to fill a support ticket form.

4. The Verification Portal Upon logging into the Verification Portal successfully, the user is redirected to the “Verify Your Information” section of the portal where all the user information can be viewed.

If the user believes the information presented is inaccurate, the user can edit their information and provide accurate information for the following fields:

*First Name* *Middle Name* *Last Name* *Are you a SAN?* *Year of Call* *NBA Branch* *Gender* *Supreme Court Number*

Note: The user can not change the contents of First Name, Middle Name and Last Name; the user can only select the right name from the full name provided in the Voters’ List.

If the user requires a change in their information, they can click on the “Request Change of Contact Info”button and initiate a request to the Portal Administrator.

5. Accurate Information Once the user finds the information provided to be accurate, the user can start the process of verifying their accurate information and locking it into the Electronic Verified Voters’ List by clicking on the “Verify Information” button.

Clicking on the Verify Information button will bring the user to the “Review Information” section, this is so that the user can ensure that all information presented is accurate; this process is to ensure accuracy because once completely verified, the information can no longer be edited by either the user or the Platform Administrator.

6. Tickets & Requests The ‘Your Issue Tickets’ section is the access point for requesting and addressing any issues related to editing and changing of the user’s contact information (Email and Mobile Number). Users can use this page to create, track and view the status of request for changes to their contact information.

The user can initiate a new request/ticket by simply clicking on the “Initiate a Change Request” button and filling out the form.

1. Type whichever of your enrolment number (SCN), Click on the search button

2. This will load all possible outcomes on the search parameter provided (In case just one of the names has been typed in the search box).

3. Select the output that best matches your search request

4. Fill in the form as appropriate 5. Click on submit button 6. A 6 digit alpha-numeric confirmation code will be sent to the registered phone number 7. Type the code in the confirmation page to confirm the update

FURTHER TAKE NOTICE: that to facilitate the timely receipt of SMS verification messages you may need to deactivate the Do Not Disturb (DND) application on your phone. To do this send ALLOW in caps to 2442. Be assured of our professional regards. Yours faithfully,

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