NBA 2018 Election: Verification of Voters to Commence Today


Press release by the ECNBA:

According to the timetable earlier released by the ECNBA, verification of voters exercise was to commence today, Thursday 26th July, 2018 and was to last for 3 (three) days. However, owing to time constraints , Crenet , the service provider engaged to clean up the data in 2 (two) days, is facing challenges with reconciling the voters’ list submitted by branches with the verified list of lawyers in the custody of the NBA Headquarters and the list of lawyers on the Supreme Court roll.

Having instructed the service provider to produce a voters register that is credible, reliable and based solely on the submissions received from the branches, it has become necessary to allow the service provider more time to satisfactorily complete its assignment and deliver a reliable verified list that meets stakeholders expectation.

Consequently, we have rescheduled the commencement of the verification to take place on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July, 2018.

We will, in a subsequent bulletin adjust the times for accreditation and voting. The ECNBA regrets the inconvenience this adjustment might occasioned on all.

The Committee is committed to delivering free, fair, credible and transparent elections and we solicit the support and understanding of our colleagues in this regard.

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