NBA Condemns Police Invasion of Magistrate Court; Demands Immediate Release of Detained Lawyers

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The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has condemned the invasion of Umuneke Ngor Magistrate Court and the detention of lawyers by Men of the Nigerian Police Force.

the above was contained in a statement issued by the National Secretary of the NBA Isiaka Abiola Olagunju.

“The attention of the Nigerian Bar Association has been drawn to another demoralizing illegal incidence about the invasion of Umuneke Ngor Magistrate Court in Imo State, by some officers and men of the Nigeria Police and detention of our colleagues Emma Eke, Esq and Chukwuemeka Anyanwu, Esq

This unperturbed replay of despicable acts by some officers of the Nigerian Police not only undermines and disrespects the promotion of rule of law but also exchanges our democratic principle with impunity as well as call for breakdown of law and order in the society if left unchecked by the appropriate authority.

Unfortunately some individuals in the Police force have declared themselves as above the law and have decided to assault and unleash all manners of degrading treatments to members of the bar and bench. Such conduct is highly condemned in its entirety by the Nigerian Bar Association.

Apart from condemning this uncourteous exercise by the officers of the Nigerian Police, the NBA will report the matter to the Inspector General of Police for proper investigation of this unfortunate incident in order to bring all perpetrators to face justice within the shortest possible time.

The NBA calls for the immediate release of our members Emma Eke, Esq and Chukwuemeka Anyanwu, Esq without further delay.

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It is unfortunate how officers who have taken the responsibility of maintaining law and order in our society would persistently stoop so low to disobey same without consideration of its consequences in the society.


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