NBA Ikorodu Branch Establishes a Special Committee on Electricity Matters

Corruption, Perspectives from Bayo Akinlade
President of NBA Ikorodu

There are so many problems in our society today, from bad roads, inadequate medical facilities, lack of basic infrastructure and other issues that make living in Nigeria challenging.

NBA Ikorodu branch is taking the bull by the horn. It’s current Chairman, Bayo Akinlade Esq believes that the NBA platform has been grossly underutilized, hence his vision to put NBA back on track and steer it towards the protection of the rights of all and ensuring that the rule of law is respected.

As part of these reforms, the NBA Ikorodu branch established a Special Committee on Electricity Matters [SCEM] This new committee is to be chaired by Shakiru Omolaja Esq, a social crusader who has fought for the rights of residents of Ikorodu with respect to electricity issues.

Mr. Akinlade noted that due to the various injustice perpetrated by the electricity companies, specifically IKEJA ELECTRIC and the numerous complaints from the Ikorodu community concerning crazy billing and unlawful disconnections; NBA IKORODU BRANCH set up SCEM to tackle the problem.

He went further to state that; SCEM will amongst other things seek to understand the issues, connect with IE and the Communities around Ikorodu, attend IE stakeholders meetings and where need be; bring an action in court on behalf of oppressed communities.

Mr. Akinlade said “don’t get me wrong, I am aware of the challenges facing the electricity companies but I am concerned after reviewing the report by SERAP on corruption within that sector that people are paying heavily and suffering endlessly from the acts of the likes of Ikeja Electric. People are forced to pay for what they are not getting and it seems that we are helpless because we have no alternative and nowhere to seek redress without incurring heavy costs.

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It is because of these challenges that we have put our hands in the gloves and are set to stand for and on behalf of our community in Ikorodu. We will do this and still maintain a working relationship with Ikeja Electric, but the oppression must stop. We are currently talking to SERAP and welcome other organizations that will like to collaborate with us in this struggle to liberate the people.

Mr. Akinlade further stated that he has no doubt that SCEM will be successful because it’s chairman is a dogged fighter and a very principled senior lawyer who loves the community.

“we hope that other NBA branches across the country will set up SCEM within their jurisdiction and protect the rights of every citizen.


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