NBA in Need of a ‘Brave New NEC’ – Philip Njeteneh


As members of the National Executive Committee of NBA gather in Kano State Government
House for a policy meeting (one will mistake it to a government ‘come & chop’ gathering by virtue of the choice of venue) I implore our NEC members, particularly the various NEC statutory Reps (Chairman, Secretary & NEC Rep.) to be brave and tell the ‘Brave New Bar’ some home truth even if you are being hosted in Government House where truths are rarely told and where political truth is different from factual truth.

Our Brave New NEC attendees will do well and tell the ‘Brave New Bar’ that it a slap on the face of the branches and amount to robbing the branches their share of 2016 Bar Practice Fees share on the excuse that the ‘Brave New Bar’ was barely 4 months when the 2016 branches share of BPF became due.

It is equally a slap on the Branches for the ‘Brave New Bar’ to say it cannot pay the agreed 20% to branches from BPF collected because it is not aware of 20% or that it does not exist when the issue of 20% was agreed by the UYO NEC meeting, a decision which have not been vacated by any NEC Meeting.

The ‘Brave New Bar’ is on its way out and if by this NEC meeting the 2018 Bar Practice Fees shares to the branches are not paid, the ‘Brave New Bar’ may be preparing ground to use the reason of being to close its end in office to avoid the payment of 2018 Bar Practice Fees shares to branches.

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Until the decision of 20% share of BPF Fees to branches are reversed by NEC, the Brave New Bar owes branches 10% of the 2017 BPF share as well 20% OF 2016 & 2018BPF shares.

NBA is in need of a Brave New NEC to tell the Brave New Bar that continuity is the international language of an established public office occupation if not the hundreds of millions of Naira said to have been left in the accounts of NBA by the immediate past regime (the ‘Brave New Bar’ is yet to openly deny that fact from the audited account circulated at the 2016 AGM), the ‘Brave New Bar’ ought not to have appropriated the money left behind while the ‘Brave New Bar’ should not be the one selling any of the NBA buildings as none was commenced and finished during the ‘Brave New Bar’ regime.

Today we hold NEC meeting in Government House, tomorrow we may as well hold NEC meeting at a Central Mosque or in a church, after all, if we can’t tell the government that
Nigeria is sliding down, we can dine with the Government.

Sadly too, these burning issues will not be on table at the Kano NEC meeting, rather, it Abuja Conference (which by the way the Chairman has honourably resigned) and who succeeds the ‘Brave New Bar’.

Bon appétit to our ‘Brave New NEC



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