NBA Portrait Saga: I Will Speak Further in Court – Oladele Olubakin

Oladele Olubakin

Oladele Olubakin the owner of the famous portrait which NBA presented as gift to President Buhari without his (Oladele’s) consent has said he would speak again on the issue in court.

Oladele made the above revelation on his facebook wall:

So I have been receiving a lot of calls and messages from media houses asking for my response to NBA’s claim that I have ‘dashed’ NBA the painting. I hope they have the deed of gift I signed and the pictures I took with them to corroborate their claim. Why would I do a 6 feet by 5 feet painting of the President and then dash it out to the NBA? I would have sent in my response but I want to shock these people when we get to court. All those abusive statements were to get to my emotions and get me to really talk so they can predict my next move but I am wiser. They think gathering a lot of SANs will confer ownership of the painting on them. I will save my gun powder dry for the court. I was really hoping we could settle this amicably but the spirit of public disgrace will not just let them be.

He refused to join issues with the Welfare Secretary of the NBA

He refused to respond to the diverse voices of cheers and boos.

He intends to work closely with his lawyers (Femi Falana’s Chambers) to ensure that he gets justice.

He chose to be silent and speak only in court.

We have our fingers crossed.

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