Nigeria @ 58: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True – Mazi Afam Osigwe


1st October is a day for all Nigerians to ruminate on our journey so far as a country.
From our Independence to the first republic, through multiple military coups, and a return to democracy in 1999, it is beyond doubt that as a nation we have had our fair share of anguish, and of bliss.

Nigeria today seems more divided than ever before along religious and ethnic lines. The insecurity situation in many parts of our country needs dire attention to halt the activities of terrorists and other illegally armed militia.

The various tiers of government need to put in place business-friendly and pro-poor policies in place to ensure that glowing economic statistics translate to tangible benefits.

As we also prepare for the next general elections, all stakeholders, aspirants and governments have a bounden duty to ensure the electoral process is free, fair and credible. It is in our collective interest to ensure votes cast in every election reflect the will of the people.

Despite all our challenges, we must all work to make sure we have success stories to tell in our various corners. The positive results of our united resolve will surely go a long way in making for a better Nigeria.

I congratulate all Nigerians on the commemoration of the 58th year of our Independence. I urge that we look upon the beauty of our diversity and channel this advantage into building the country of our dreams.


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