“NWLR This Week” Ends on a Sad Note


In my post of January 25, 2018, I had made a clarion call to the publishers of the Nigerian Weekly Law Report (NWLR) on the need to go online. I had reminisced the fond memories I had of NWLR and it’s founder way back in my undergraduate days.

When it appeared that I could also be of assistance to the publishers of NWLR and the legal community at large, four months after, I started the “NWLR This Week” from my yearly subscription and in each weekly issue, I pick just one or two legal principles I consider novel and give snippets of them. The intention was purely to continue to keep NWLR in the consciousness of legal practitioners as the world tilts towards IT reporting. This is a task I took up after a discussion with a member of the publishing team and without any consideration from the publishers; only the undying love for Gani.

This afternoon, I received a call from the contact informing me that I have to immediately stop the “NWLR This Week”. He alleged that the weekly snippets I give amount to an infringement on the copyright reserved in NWLR. I was trying to process the basics of the alleged Intellectual Property infringement and I recalled that this is Nigeria. I didn’t need to think deep. I needed to just recall that fact.

It’s so sad the myopic way we see things in this part of the world. While I have so many things to say, just for the sake of the memory of Gani who I hold in very high esteem, I would leave this on this note.

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So, here we are signing out on “NWLR This Week”

Indeed, it is so sad!!!


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