Oga Lawya Series: False Imprisonment

Oweh Anthony

My dear piple oga Lawya don show the background again ooo. I beg make una nor cut rope follow me for d long break wen I take, Na due to d level say my bodi knock engine b4 and na for Naval Hospital for Waff Town naim dem for couple the engine back. Many thanks to the Naval doctors cos their kidney dey function well.

Just yesterday as I comot from clinic, I waka enter Igbudu market phase two( shoprite mall warri). As I sidon jejeje dey observe normal doings for d yard, I kom hear some oshofree babes (runs girls) wen kom find mugu guys dey argue sotey their yarnings almost turn to two fighting. As aproko wen I be, I put ear for ground to hear the complete amebo and e kom be say na False Imprisonment naim dem dey argue about. So based on dis simple logistics and onto say my kidney dey function normal naim make me dey write on dis level of dis week.

Wetin Be False Imprisonment?

Oyibo don yarn say false imprisonment Na to cage person for one corner sotey the person nor get any way to take vamuse comot and without any legit reason.

This level also mean the yeye caging of d actor by the bozz within some points wen be say d bozz don set for ground. E also mean d yamayama way to stop person to move about, get freedom or live like any normal human being.

One senior bros wen dem dey call Coke CJ , don yarn say any ofurukpe caging of any human being Na imprisonment whether Na for kirikiri High School or not.

Imprisonment nor just mean say d person must dey inside cell. U fit lock person for inside toilet wen nor get window to jump out or any which way to take escape, dat na False Imprisonment.

One beta example Na one mata wen happen for Masaka near Abuja. One guy man go dance one corner with one omotogbe ( okpo) for overnight doings. By 12am, dis guy enta toilet to free he carrot and  based on say he be clear mugu, d omotogbe just lock the toilet door, lock her room and vamuse go anoda room to dance one corner. Meanwhile, the agbaya wen dey toilet don dey suffocate cos no window and e nor get how he wan take gbaskele. Cockroach and mosquitoes begin play apele for him body. The mugu begin knock for help until he faint for ground b4 somebody kom help am out to clear the fuckup. Dis Kain mumu suppose sue d omotogbe for false imprisonment but he just lockup cos Na illegal match he kom play b4.

Key Points to Grab

  1. Any how caging ( restraint)
  2. No gbasking( not at liberty)
  3. No way to vamuse or gbaskele( no means of escape)
  4. And d cage must be the one wen d bozz don set for ground for d actor ( the boundary must be one defined by the defendant).

My piple I go bring una correct gist from Calabar next week and just trust say Calabar gist go sweet like warri own . But I promise not to eat dog meat so dat I go fit yarn beta Tori.

See you next week.

Oweh Anthony, Esq.

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