Oga Lawya with Oweh: Awhuf Dey Run Belle


My dear piple, I hail una wella oooo….

Dis Na  anoda Ogbonge week of awi oga Lawya series as e dey hot. I beg I like to dey get feedback from una wen dey read dis tori everyweek. Just know say evry tori wen oga Lawya dey knack una 4 dis yard na tori wen happen for riri life nd nor be anyha fabu.

One question wen ordinary piple for area dey ask be say; “ wetin lawyas dey do sef”. True- true, dis na confam question but wetin u want make oga Lawya do wen e be say you jus dey do levels yagayaga, forget say u suppose yarn your oga Lawya before you do any runs so dat he go fit clear u if d runs Na legit one or Na one chance u wan enta.

Jus dis Sunday wen pass so,  afta early mor-mor Mass for Asokoro, one Fada jus block me for corner say, my chairman, I hear say u be oga d law, I beg attend to dis my member wen don enta one chance nd to come outside na heavy wahala.

Naim I look d person wen Fada bring kom, na one sweet babyoku . As a sharpman, I kon dey interview am:

Oga Lawya: Sista wetin be ur identity?

Baby oku : my name Na xyz.

Oga Lawya: Na where be ur kaban?

Baby oku : LL.B area for Maitama.

Oga Lawya: where u dey hustle?

Baby oku: I dey hustle for LL.M Bank.

Oga Lawya: wetin happen. Jus go straight, nor branch.

Baby oku : me na person wen like AWHUF well well. One of my guy tell me say e get one investment wen dey area , say if I put 5 meter , in three months time I go get about 25 meter.

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Oga Lawya: you ask am how dem take dey get profit to pay?

Baby oku : oga Lawya, I nor ask ooo becos I trust d guy wella , na prayer warrior for awi church, na my former boyfriend him be nd he neva offend me anyway. In fact I ready to kill myself for am before. So, I transfer over five meter wen be all my savings enta him account.

Oga Lawya: una do alignment ( agreement).

Baby oku : no sir.

Oga Lawya: any person dey there wen una dey yarn?

Baby oku: no sir. I bin wan call my sista kom but d guy tell me say he nor want make any person know about d business , say if piple know, dem fit go back go spoil d runs.

Oga Lawya: so as u fine reach, kon look like person wey go school, u jus count all ur coins give one maga. My sista u don enta one chance.

Baby oku: ( in tears) oga Lawya eeehh.,.. My own don finish becos d guy digits nor dey go again. He don pack komot from where he dey stay nd he don resign from im place of work. I nor know any of im relation. Even piple for im former crib say dem nor know where him pack go. Dis awhuf don run my Belle. I nor know where to start from.

Oga Lawya: I expect say as u fine reach nd go school wella, u suppose get small sense. For dis life, dem nor dey carry trust piple. Your own broda/ sista fit run u down anytime. D mistake u make be say u nor consult before u run enta. Body jus catch u anyha becos u want free money. Try meet me for office on Friday.

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When she come office, no be to try luck? We go find olopa, find EFCC take join body dey find bros dey go. Nothing dey ground say the 6meter fit comot again. Abi, no be wen lawya see the persin wey kolobi money e go work? Lawya na human na, we no dey do magic.

Las- Las my piple, naija too like awhuf tins. Nd e dey pain me say we nor dey sabi learn from mistake wen don pass. Jus imagine dis babe, she jus carry five meter troway like dat wen e be say her pipu still dey sukpa for Kuchikao. Awhuf dey sweet oooo but try get Lawya wen go dey hellep u do ur runs make e for legit. nd try to dey do alignment ( agreement) nd make piple tanda gidigba for any runs wen u wan do. Warri piple say “ e gud, e gud naim craze take dey start” . Na who know man naim dey kill am. nd na rat wen dey inside haws naim dey call d one wen dey outside say food dey haws.  Nor carry dey trust piple cos human being fit nab u anytime. Use ur akonuche.

Who get ear make him hear word.

My name n a Owen!


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