Oga Lawya with Oweh: NBA KPARAKPO 2018: Which Level?


My piple oga Lawya don show face again afta plenty days wen I waka comot, but no be only me waka since thereisgod and he dey look all of us. This na holiday groove for awi lawyas all over our obodonaija especially the piple wen show face for d NBA KPARAKPO wen we jus gbaski for our naija- abroad wen dem dey call Abuja.

The KPARAKPO long from Saturday wen lawyas begin show face enta Thursday. Even self for Friday, them still do the one wey concern the matter of handover, takeover. As e be now, brave new bar don do im own waka comot.

E dey legit to maintain say na d NBA KPARAKPO naim be the Ogbonge village meeting for inside Africa, becos, naija nor dey carry last nd na dem dey rush us onto say we gather accolades yagayaga and na naija jollof naim bam pass for the whole world.

As una don follow DNL Legal and Style hear the one wey gramma full inside, e come remain the one wey be say na only me go fit tell una. As e bi say na for street I dey gallant pass, na d ones wey dem no go fit tell you for the ICC, na im I go come talk as e be say na there the thing dey happen.

For the street matter, na from Sunday to Wednesday na im gbedu dey happen anyhow anyhow, as e dey hot. You no see place go be say you no wan go. Lawya them full our naija-abroad like say them be san san. I come dey wonder how many we be self.  For the gbedu matter, that one na die! Piple wen nor get friends, meet plenty new friend, guys wen dey find woman catch their woman wen dem wan marry. You go hear testimoni.

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But one okpetu wen happen for dis year village meeting we dey cry say the KG111 bag wen dem share nor make sense, come even see say the thing nor reach every. Dis level make some guys para come vamuse say dem nor go follow do the village meeting again. wetin them put inside the KG111 bag self? Notin wen make sense and piple still come, una say bag no reach. To me oooo, dis level nor make sense at all, sake of say,  NBA suppose know d number of chiefs and village heads wen register for the village meeting make them for do bag wey go reach every. That na number one.

Anoda fuckup be say the afternoon wakkis nor dey reach every becos some piple nor dey chop komot for house as the thing na early morni something. Dis level make some guys jus dey bone face anyhaw sotay some fine sherikoko turn to atutu overnight becos dem dey swell up face.  Even e reach wen Mary nd Kay nor fit do magic again. Wetin go make the pipu wey arrange the village meeting nor cook food wey go reach every? That one we no no as we go take talk am. The place wen be the chop place nko? Na another story. You go enter tent wey no get AC, go join line wey be like refugee camp say you wan go collect rice wey nor get meat inside. Wen you don sweat like Christmas goat finish where you go carry food, you go come still siddon inside hot canopy dey chop the food like say you dey chop Passover. Oya na, come see as lawya man dey carry food for hand dey waka upandan inside sun dey find shade. The one wey pain me pass be say, money wen we pay too much. The money? E plenty die! But make I no lie you for this one eh, the only place wey evrybodi chop well nd shayo anyha na for the gbedu wen dem do for our Purified Chief, Paul Usoro. Maybe we go ask d guys wen organise the groove make e help us arrange the village meeting for next year. Anyhaw, wen dem still finish the gramma part, lawyas go still enter street go groove.

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Anoda one wen NBA fall guyman hand anyhaw, na for d raffle draw wen dem do. We no see winner o. The winner no come outside. We no come no which one be say winner no come collect car wen e win. We join hand for here dey beg NBA abeg make them bring back our moto, KIA RIO!

Las las, to oga Usoro, abeg make u learn from the mistake wen our former oga don make o. sake of say them plenty. Make you use gbagbati take correct am. The prayer of every Papa be say e pikin go beta pass am nd so as AB don pray give you, you must succeed yagayaga, korokoro with gbagbati or initial gragra if you like.

Make God bless all of us becos I dey OJUKWISE, AURTHURISED, PURIFIED and at the same time i nor dey anyone at all


My name n a Oweh!


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