Our Duty is to Elect a 21st Century, Technology Driven GS – Mobolaji Ojibara

Mobolaji Ojibara

On 12th of June, 2018, the Professor Awalu Yadudu-led Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) opened nominations to unveil contestants for the forthcoming NBA  national  general elections slated for 27th/28th of July, 2018.

As one of the candidates whose nominations were unveiled – by which I declared my intention to contest for the office of General Secretary, I require your prayers.

While awaiting the lift on ban on campaigns when candidates’ manifestoes will be made public by the ECNBA, let us reflect on the responsibilities on us to ensure that we use the opportunity offered by the coming election to reposition our Secretariat for a 21st Century service delivery.

This is important because the effective implementation of any policy or service compact between any association and its members rests squarely on the secretariat. The nexus between the office of the occupier of the secretariat, the General Secretary, and effective service delivery to the members is, therefore, not only critical, but also non-negotiable.

The office of the General Secretary defines the standard of service delivery accruable to members. Indeed, the realization of any unifying promise of professional growth or capacity building for members is dependent on the efficiency or effectiveness of the office of the General Secretary.

Consequently, our role in repositioning the NBA secretariat for a result oriented service delivery to the members of the bar must be  to ensure that the next General Secretary of the NBA is a 21st century compliant, technology driven, highly skilled, human and capital resources experienced manager.

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Dr. Mobolaji Idris Ojibara (MIO) is a former Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association, Ilorin branch, Notary Public, Arbitrator, an Administrator and Fellow of the Institute of Natural and Human Resources.


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