Painful! Oge Okoye 2017 ESUTH Law Graduate Dies During Childbirth


Oge graduated from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology class of 2017 and subsequently attended the Nigerian Law School Kano Campus and is waiting to be called to bar. Oge got married 30th December, 2017 but died on Sunday, 9th September, 2018 while giving birth to her first child.

The tears, the pains among her family and friends are palpable. Read some of their tributes

Sire Asykobi wrote

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I knew something was wrong this morning’ waking up for the first time in a long while with no agility to go to church today.
What then is the essence of life’ when we can’t even celebrate it at our peak years.
What is the essence of life’ when we can’t share with our loved ones.

Ogechi Okoye was my University best friend and sweetheart!
I fondly call her Mass com2 for her humility’ Cheerfulness and willingness to share.
Oge lost her life trying to give life to another.
Oge was smart’
Oge was beautiful’
Oge was a virtuous woman.
Her presence alone was spirit lifting.
She cares to listen and offer help where she could.

Oge’ I type this in tears!
I know your good heart shall be well reposed in God’s bosom.
Till we meet to part No more.
Adieu My dearest!


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, weddingYesterday was indeed a very sad day for me.
I have always heard about black Mondays or black Fridays’ but yesterday was a black Sunday for every person in the ESUT LAW CLASS OF 2017.
I lost not just a dear friend’ but someone whose friendship to me knew no better.
Oge didn’t have to do much for you to fall in love with her.
She was just the perfect definition of a peoples person.
Oge was beautiful!
Oge was intelligent!
Oge was cheerful!
Oge was friendly!
Oge was generous!
Oge was my bestie in the University.
She was indeed a sweetheart to every person who was opportuned to have met with her.

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I was told she died through operation while giving life to her son.
I was told she just had a few seconds with her son’ before giving up the ghost.
I was told she stared at her son’ and handed him over to the husband before she took her last breath.

The last time we met was during our Externship sometime in June 2018.
Oge was heavy with pregnancy.
I could remember how she happily told me about her plans after our law school.
She had told me she would rejoin her husband who lives abroad after our call to BAR.
She had told me how happy she was to have seen me since we left the University.
She had told me how unhappy she was that I couldn’t come to her wedding/traditional Marriage.
The few minutes I had spent with oge’ meant a lifetime to me.
Oge was someone who knew me more than I know myself.

Oge was never the type that bore grudges.
Oge was never the type that had unnecessary time for qaurrel.
Oge was never the type that was reluctant to share knowledge.
How sad she always were when we saw our results and she made a B.
Oge was never a failure.

I could go on and on to share the beautiful moments I shared with oge!
Oge adored our friendship so much that she offered I DJed at her wedding!
Oge may be physically dead’ but to me she lives on!
Her popular phrase’ ‘Eji kwa la M’ Mme ihe ahu’ “No carry me do that thing o” whenever I teased her will never stop ringing a bell in my head.

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Ogechi I will miss you!
Oge I will cherish the good times we shared together as friends.
Oge I will never give up on the good virtues you impacted in me.
Oge I will live to make you proud.

Thanks for never giving up on me!
Thanks for always being there to listen and see me shed tears.
Thanks for moulding me into the man I am today.
Oge thank You’ for being my friend.

Ugonna will miss you!
LAWSA CLASS OF 2017 will miss you!
ESUT Will miss You!
The whole world will miss your kind!
I know your good soul has found repose in God’s Bosom.
Till we meet again’ Nwanyi Oma.

Sometochukwu Aniogbo wrote

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingI don’t know if I will be able to bear dis or even get over dis, if I will ever forget u.
Dis is so disheartening and devastating for me.we can’t question God but is so painful to bear oge. May d perpetual light shine on your pure soul and may God give us the fortitude to bear dis irreplaceable loss.
Rip Ogeem
I don’t know if my heart will ever heal from this.

Abigail Samuel Nwabueze wrote

Ogechi, nwanyi oma!!! Always smiling Oge….
I have been crying and waiting since morning to know if you will just come online and tell us that it’s a lie. Today was supposed to be a happy Sunday for me, but it’s a Black Sunday… Oge it’s hard for me to believe you are gone ooo!!! How can I be writing rest in peace for you at this your unripe age? Beautiful Oge, I cannot forget all the things we shared and the fun we had together as roommates and friends in the hostel in our first year in school. Chaiiii Ogechi m ooo!!!! What a world!!!! Death you are very wicked!!!!

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Cyndy Isife wrote

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and shortsWhat is really happening, I can’t believe that Oge Okoye is dead.
I was so disorganized today, no concentration when I heard of your death.
Oge Okoye was my class mate and friend in GGS Enugu
She died while bringing forth another life to the world early this morning.
I don’t even know what to say
Barrister Mrs Oge Okoye, may your gentle soul rest in peace Amen.

Nwafor Ifunanya

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standingOgechi Okoye I know if you had a choice, you won’t choose to go.
You were full time of life.
Very cheerful and joyful.

After the all the LLB stress.
After all the Kano law school stress.
Not even the Bar finals result.

You lost your life trying to give life to another.

May the Lord console your family, Oge.

It’s difficult to say this , but I don’t have much choice. Fare well Oge nwa nne m.
Fare well Ada Nkanu.

LAWSA mourns your demise.

Agatha Msurshima wrote

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sittingGod what is happening?? Dis also hit home. We were roomies at NLS Bagauda, we celebrated u wedding last December n were waiting to celebrate d birth of junior Collins n our call to bar dis year November. Only 4 me to hear dis morning dat u r no more due to child delivery. God Oge all I can say is may ur soul rest in perfect peace

May God rest her beautiful soul and console her family and friends.


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