Poetic Law: Auguries of a Broken Bar (A Piece of Advice to the NBA) – Bolaji Ramos


An empire that will collapse some day
Its bricks must first bear the tear.
No death ever comes without a notice,
Except the learned are too blind to see.

A bird that will receive the hunter’s shot
It must have toiled the path of woes.
Rome was not built in a day,
Neither was its historic destruction.

To place on object on a platter of gold
Is to place it on an Olympian height.
But when the object toils the path of dirt,
Respect and nobility will soon be lost.

An empire of wits can no longer be noble
When all its machineries drive it unstable
Oneness cannot be attached to an unjust Bar,
To call it brave is a deceit of the selves.

Four big birds on brown big bough
Why stoning only one of them?
Live and let live like a diamond in the raw,
No to injustice or any similar emblem.

If the Tiger will blow it’s tigritude
Let it, why the smothering attitude?
A brave Bar should support a social cause,
Not box its wings in an autocratic bus.

A broken Bar travels in a sinking ship
With its hands, it brings its looming doom.
An Eden apple shall it often reap
Sentiments are its bride and prejudice its groom.

The Lion Queen often loses her queenly pride
When its 125 cubs are lost in the loose.
Hyenas and dingos devour them like a tide
And a once-powerful kingdom becomes a boose.

A broken Bar exhibits continuing favoritism,
It creates a breeding habitat for H. Pylori.
It lacks sincere acts of professionalism
And eventually falls short of grace and glory.

A sauce for goose is a sauce for gander
A broken Bar quickly disbars a young offender.
But when the culprit is some old Jeetendra
A broken Bar feigns and ignores the Hydra.

A thousand lashes for a misdemeanor,
A disbarment for a young syndicate.
A pat on a shoulder for a felony,
An admonition for a senor advocate.

Disbarment for an unknown legal soldier—
He merely voiced the gospel truth on issues.
Muteness for an anointed learned senior—
Yet he crossed the Rubicon of unprofessionalism.

Privileges that defeat equality in treatment
Awarded to some at others’ costly expense.
A broken Bar places one Peter above one Paul
That marks the cradle of its undoing and its fall.

Privileges to one that robs others of their rights
Are unfounded in law and in the eye of equity.
Rights come first and supersede privileges,
Hofeldians can attest to this clear notoriety.

Privileges that alienate a mansion to just one
And share a little room among a multitude.
Such privileges indict their framers
And the philosophy of their proclaimers.

A mother hen will rather die fighting
When the eagle makes for her roving chickens.
A Bar that will stand the test of true unity
Will not allow assaults on its members or entity.

A broken Bar’s politics becomes unbecoming
Its lawyers play it dirtier than a lawless society’s.
No more ‘fit and proper’ in their agenda,
Only a will to usher in their propaganda.

Blowing it hot and blowing it cold,
That is the doing of a broken Bar.
My age at the bar is 10 for purposes of fees
My age at the bar is 9 for purposes of posts.

A Bar that will break into plenty pieces
Has nurtured many conflicts in its theses.
USSR scattered into fifteen particles
Ours may scatter into thirty-six chronicles.

Thirty-six independent chronicles
125 superintendent particles.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
A broken Bar often comes to naught.

–Bolaji Ramos, Esq.
Copyrighted 2018

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